Setting up the Exhibition

Over the few days of setting up the Degree show Exhibition. I made sure i documented it. I wanted to document it on Instagram and i linked my account to post straight to Twitter. I was hoping this would draw a little bit of attention as well as me simply documenting the Exhibition set up. It was almost a way of advertising the exhibition because the online following can see it develop every time i posted a Photograph.

tumblr_mnirdzIAQ11qfngtao1_500 tumblr_mnk2m6XHW01qfngtao1_500 tumblr_mnkfugparK1qfngtao1_500 tumblr_mnm6x166Iu1qfngtao1_500 tumblr_mno323Lj5p1qfngtao1_500

I was also asked to help produce a Timelaose video of the Exhibition set up. Jack Somerset, Oliver Sharpe and Myself then took responsilbilty of this. I would set the camera up at the start of each day to take a photograph every minute.

Oliver Sharpe then Edited these together and this is the final result:

It was also finished in time for it to be inserted into the digital Catalogue.


Writing a Speech

A classmate (Oliver Sharpe) and I were asked at very short notice to write up a speech to be given on the opening night of the exhibition. We had to come up with something quite short that would sum up and cover a whole aspect of :

1. Our experience as a class

2. The hard work gone into the Exhibition

3. The thanks we needed to give

4. A reflection on our time at University

5. A look to the future.


These 5 main points were areas which we needed to cover in order to give a speech which would be interesting and personal. We had to take into account that we were also writing this on behalf of the rest of the class.
At first this was a really hard job, we couldn’t seem to find the right words. We took a moment to analyse why this was and realised it was because we were approaching it too formally. We realised that the formal nature doesn’t really reflect on us as a class and if we tried to relax a little bit and be honest, we could probably start to come up with something quite apt.

There was then the issue of who would give the speech. It was decided that i would give the speech on my own as it would be better than having two people doing it in separate parts. I had to call upon my public speaking skills which were strongly developed in the symposium module, and also give myself the confidence to read the words we had written. I have never given a speech before but i have made presentations. The speech i found was quite different, i had to try and talk to the whole room but also make eye contact to attempt to relate the words to every individual.

Here is a copy of the final speech.


Summary and final words on 352MC

‘Back to Betws’ documents a journey made by my father and I to the locations of where previous family photographs were made. The specific photographs I chose to focus on were made two days and a day before my father had a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage.

I have tailored this version of the project to be experienced in an exhibition environment containing framed photographic prints produced using a medium format film camera, and also a photo film containing moving image, Photographs and sound recordings.

The choice of using film and producing a single edition of prints relates to the unique experience of the artifact, while producing a photo film will use the benefits of the fluid distribution tools available in the online world. This will give the audience two separate experiences of the work unless the work is viewed in the exhibition environment where they will both come together.

The project focuses on the photographic artifact and the photograph as the memory. The act of returning to the locations after a 17-year absence helps build an aura of them, and this reinforces the themes of the unique artifact.

I worked with my Dad as an informed subject and I needed to acknowledge the issues of exploitation in previous work I have made with him as a subject. I did this by thinking about ideas of collaboration to build a positive representation of the subject in your story. I looked at work by Jim Mortram who successfully builds positive representations of his subjects and I developed my own practice in a similar manner.

I chose to brand myself as the producer of the story and told my Dad to think of himself as the Author. I then gave him the freedom to make the decision on what he wants to investigate, what story he wants me to help him tell as a trusted and legitimate publisher.


I have developed a targeted audience with the use of the research tool ‘The Phobus’.  This has helped me identify the audiences that are currently engaged in conversation over the photographic artifact, especially the family photo album and the place of the fixed image in the fluid digital environment. The project also appeals to other brain haemorrhage survivors and it attempts provide them with a visual example to support their recovery. It may even encourage them to share their story and experiences.

The project as a whole attempts to explore the themes of the photographic artifact as well as ways to represent the subject to provide empowerment through collaboration rather than exploitation.



Final Video


Here is the Final Edit of my Video.

I had some problems exporting it to youtube and maintaining its HD quality but after some problem solving and switching from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premier pro to export the video is up and all ok!

Final Measurements for Degree Show Exhibition

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 11.18.54



exhibsetuplayoutHere we can see my final measurements for the Degree show exhibition. I have previously explained my reasons for choosing this layout but then it was a case of working it out mathematically and deciding on a size for printing.

I have gone with a 1 Inch Gap between all Frames and i have gone with the larger prints being 16×12 Inches.

This means that the 2 smaller prints in ratio with the Larger prints and to stay in line with the set up needed to be sized at 7.33Inch x 5.5Inch. This could prove to be quite an awkward Size for framing but i will see if it causes any problems when i talk to my selected framer.


Final Images – Larger

Picture 088

Picture 090

Picture 091

Picture 102



Picture 106

Picture 106


Here are the Final Images i have selected to show in the Exhibition for this Amalgamation of this project. These are the larger Versions.

Exhibition Idea

I see this project as being malleable in terms of how it is displayed and also have considered how else you could display it in the future.

For the purpose of the Degree Show I have made sure i am producing this work to fit within this Environment and context. Therefore i feel that having a selection of 6 Prints and then the video will provide a suitable answer to this brief and have an important part in the Degree Show Exhibition.



Feedback on 1st Edit of Video

Here is a Email from my Dad on his Feedback on the first edit of the video

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 10.42.28



here is a larger more readable version of the text



”Hi Chief, my 4th watch now….haha….really like it…I’m getting into the ‘feel’ of it…it certainly needs more than one watch to get the gist of what we are saying.. and the narration is not that bad even though one feels self conscious on the first listen..Hahaha…Yes definitely needs more than one watch. I can imagine this short film on Channel 4 between the news and the evening programmes. It’d work. It makes me wonder if I was aneutral watching this would wonder ” what next for these two now”?.
 Anyhow, as a reminder to ya.
 Remember to take out ” they’d totally be destroyed” from the dialogue as it would definitely sound and run better without it.. Also, you could change the date of the hospital drawing to Aug 1996 and maybe make the title at the bottom a little bit bigger. What d’ya think?
    Pity that my voice does not have more dynamics to it and that I wasn’t too slow in the way I speak but I suppose that adds to the authenticity of the piece.
     I like the way you’ve Skip to Kenilworth and then back to Betws for the final bit….but it’s such a pity we haven’t got any new Kenilworth shots; but like you say maybe they can go into a later book project. However, the fact that you have based your assignment, if not your 3 years, on how my illness effected our lives is a powerful statement in itself , it shows that 17 years later the experience is still very raw and at the for front of just is. Dx”

Final Decision On Exhibition Set Up

I have decided on this set up for my exhibition, I have made here a Mock up with the black frames i want to be framing my prints.

I have also shown where the monitor will go to show my Video.

exhibsetupwithframesI have been a little bit worried about the selection here as the colour palette in the photograph differs quite a lot from orange to quite a purple and blue hue.

I have decided to go with this risk though as i really like this formation of the images. I like the transition from the orange on the left to the purple on the right, it provides a definite separation between the two sets of big prints and then in the middle we have the two connecting images. This provides a literal connection as they are the two main photographs from the project. The context of the Bridge can also provide a literal meaning of the bridge between the two sets on left and right. They are also the Connecting Images in the project, it’s all about these locations. I have decided to go with print sizes at 16X12 Inches for the larger prints as this is around the same size as the Mac screen as well as using less space in the exhibition set up, therefore creating more space for other people as i will require less room.


Final Images for Exhibition

exhibsetupwithlineThese are my Final Images which I will display for the Degree Show Exhibition.

I have tried here to work with a line through the images to help draw the viewers eye across the set. Having two full framed Images at either end creating a Start and an End point, i have tired to Introduce the line which i have highlighted in red in the example above. I intend this to make the transition of the colour palette easier on the viewer so it is not too hard on the eye. I intend for it to take the viewer through the photographs and lead them from left to right. I have selected these images also as they all hold a Fragmented Narrative to the whole piece. I want to inform the viewer and give the impression that a journey is taking place as a whole but i want each Photograph to hold a fragment of a different part of the narrative. The first two images i feel will communicate this idea of waiting and stillness, a period of reflection or brief moment of rest which can be connotated by the idea of a cafe. This is also provided by the small Photograph of the Bench which then is juxtaposed by the bridge above it which starts to suggest the movement, or the idea of Journey. Therefore suggesting a Journey is starting to be made or is being made in relation to the waiting before it. The Road sign then provides this idea of direction and familiarises the viewer with movement, a literal communication of the Road and then the introduction of the camera is a revelation and clue for what this journey is about. It also provides another suggestion of journey and maybe Tourism, a snapshot camera will hopefully give the impression of a trip or holiday.


Editing the Video

I have started the process of editing the video and marking up all the footage i have gathered.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 07.43.30 Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 07.44.00 Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 07.44.25 Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 08.57.06

These are just a few screenshots from my time spent Editing. I have initially found it quite hard to get going but after i got an Intro sorted i was on my way with getting the rest of the Video together. I want to set myself a time limit of no longer than 10 minutes. I want to leave the viewer wanting more, or give them the impression that they want to see it again. The main purpose of this version of the video is that it is being produced for The Exhibition. That will be the Audience. There fore i have to consider that some people may not stay and watch it for very long. This is why iw ant to keep the time down as much as possible. I need to make sure it flows to and dont leave too many or too long a pause. I need to be critical and also get feedback from peers and judge their reactions to versions of my Edit.