Printing and presentation ideas

i think the best way for me to present this photograph is going to be a s a projection. the reason for this is becasue there is less of a limit on size. if i decide to get the photograph printed then i am going to be restrained by printing costs for scale. i would want this image displayed very large. i’m thinking around the size of 180cm by 180cm. sticking with the square format. the only way id be able to achieve this as a presentation would be by projection at this time. i would like the possibilty of being able to print this photograph large and judge how it would look within a frame.


Putting my image into context.

Through my research and reading the texts which we have been set. i want to try and help put my image into context by using text. i think i am going to include a title which i think will help direct how this image is read. through looking at the website of i have found out alot of information about how high street fashion is manufactured and to direct my image in a response to this research i am going to title my image ‘Made in Bangladesh’. by doing this i hope to direct the understanding a communication of the photograph into a realm people can identify with. when people read these words, it usually refers to a product label on a piece of clothing or object purchased from a store. but what then i have attempted to depict in the image is a burnt garment, the product is destroyed. i wanted to play around with this idea of a person only being worth what they produce, this kind of aspect to consumer society, capitalist society at that and i wanted to make the point of literally wasting money. becasue it had to be a dummy scarf, i purchased it from a high street shop for £3 with the sole intention of destroying it. i wanted this to reference this idea of disposable income and how that £3 spent on the garment is what a worker in bangladesh would make in a coule of days, maybe weeks. perhaps then i should maybe put in the title how much i paid for the scarf? maybe this would provide more context for it. ‘£3, Made in Bangladesh’.

Final Image

I have finshed adjusting my image and am now happy with the final piece.


Post Production

i have taken the digital image into photoshop just to bring out the levels abit more. i wanted the blaks just to seem abit more darker, so i think i am going to play around with the contrasts abit more. i want it to really stand away from the white background almost like it floats, so i plan to adjust and play around with it in photoshop. i think i want the image to be a square, it seems to fit right on the frame and gives this feel of an even frame compared to a rectangle. it is also easier and looks better to settle the image in the middle of the frame then which works better with the composition.

this is an example of what i have done to it so far in post production, just adjusting the levels slightly. i plan to bring out the darker colours more to really highlight the burnt material.

Final Shoot

This is how i set up the lighting for my shoot. i decided on a white background for the photograph so i purchased some white card from a stationery store.  i wanted to be very clinical with it and really take time with the framing of the image aswell as the composition. so i continued to take a few shots and get the right lighting effect.

These are some examples of how the photos came out. i think that i am going t have to test out doing some post production to the images to make them final. i dont feel that they are striking enough and maybe if i enhance the levels and contrasts i’ll be able to bring it out from the background abit more.

Playing with fire part 2

I purchased another scarf with more nylon in the fabric. hopefully when this burns it will melt and preserve itself slightly. then i hope to take a photograph of that for my final image. As you can see in the photo at the end, after it had burnt out it had kind of solidified almost like a sculpture. i plan to be very clinical when photographing this, i want it to be the main focus of the photograph. maybe on a simple white background. i want it to be very detailed. i will probably have to use a lighting kit to light it to get the effect im looking for. i want to take the same approach as with a still life, kind of taking inspiration from shomei tomatsu with the watch image.

Playing with Fire

So i have been experimenting with buring a scarf to see what type of images i can get. overall i dont think i can really get something i like unless i take a nice crop out of the image and go in close to get a really colourful abstract image of the colour of fire. its also quite hard to get the scarf to burn freely unless it is grounded. maybe a fuel ould help. i could try and get the scarf on fire and then send it up into the air to take a photograph of it in freefal but i feel that this could be able too predictable, and maybe not really communicating anything i want it to communicate. it could possibly look like an advertising campaign.



However i did find that when the flames had died out and the scarf was all burnt it did leave this crusty mess of debri. i found this quite interesting becasue the cheap plastic and nylonin the scarf had preserved certain bits of it when it had been burnt. if i was to find a scarf with more plastic nylon material in i could perhaps get this efect more and instead of photographing the actual event of fire, i could photograph what is left afterward.

The money issue

I have looked into getting some chicken wire to start work on my idea of creating a human form but i have found out that i cant get that much product for my money. it is not cost effective for me to buy the chicken wire unless i can get it offline in bulk for cheap. unfortunatly the delivery times from buying it offline do not give me enoug time to complete the brief so i’ll have to write off this idea.

Too expensive for chicken wire.{9372012}/categories%3C{9372019}/categories%3C{9372069}/categories%3C{9572015}/specificationsProductType=wire_fencing

Initial Ideas, Sketches and thoughts.

For the first sketch idea, i have thought about using the scarf as a sign of constraint or a sign of self-destruction. i have thought about the idea of maybe manipulating the scarf garment into a noose and hang it from a tree or in a room. The obvious connotation that comes with a noose is that of death, execution or that sense of self destruction. i think the environment which the noose was in would effect this image. for instance if it was outside on a tree then it would suggest that it wasnt a self inflicted thing, it is a noose that is going to be strangling somebody against their own will. where as if its in a familiar environment that looks quite homely, then i would expect it to seem more self inflicted as in the person who will use this noose will be more in control. i was thinking about this idea becasue i think it communicates this idea of consumerism in the fashion industry, this garment is basically depicte as an instrument of death, therefore we can translate that as a statement about an opinion on the fashion world.


For the Second sketch ideas, i have thought about setting up a scene in a bedroom whereby it suggests another form of exploitation. i wanted it to maybe look like a brothel, or a place of selling yourself. i wanted the scarf garment to be draped over a lampshade which is in reference to when we see this in moviesand films to give off that red glow in an old style brothel. im not too fond of this idea but i think it could work well if i had the right location. i think the idea of leaving clothes on the floor in the shape of a man’s presense would also work well, i think this is the weakest idea i’ve had as i would need to develop it alot in order for the photograph to communcate these opinions i have researched.

 this is something which can be easily understood by all people. it is something that the audience can identify with in the essence that everyone knows the amount of destructive fire causes. i think this idea is a good one and deserves some experimentation to see how a scarf will burn. obviously i would have to use a dummy scarf for this as i couldnt destroy the fashion students work.

On the third page of sketch, i was thinking about playing on the idea of not being able to use a model. maybe by constructing a human form out of chicken wire or newspaper and then dressing it in clothes with the scarf. i think this idea could be could because its a play on identity, how for instance the fashion industry produces so much of the same garment people end up looking more and more al like one another, as in it doesnt matter who the person is just what they look like. or the idea that the person becomes their posessions. if i was to take these images, i would photograph the model of a model in the same way as i would photograph a portrait but i think it would give it a very surreal edge without a head or actual any form of identity for this form excpet for its human shape and clothes.

Fashion Industry Research

i have been looking at the website alot and reading articles to try and find out more about how major high street fashion brands produce their garments. usually it is through the exploitation of cheap labour in east asian countries. i think this could be a good direction for me to direct myself with the second part of this module. The fashion industry has always come under great scruitny for the way it markets itself and the way in which it exploits people. this is definatly something i want to investigate as i believe that that the fashion industry does deserve alot criticism for the way major companies operate. The issue of models has always been a topic for discussion in the way that people debate how it is glorifying this Skinny image in recent years, and how it doesnt reflect real people, therefore you have impressionable young teenagers striving to look like models in the magazines and in the process harming their health, with cases of anorexia and bulimia for example. in this consumer environment people are constantly being told what beautiful is and how you can be beautiful if you have a certain poseesion. the same with other products. for example the LYNX adverts depict how you will be more attractive if you wear/apply their deodrants:

This applys to alot of products in a capitalist society and especially in one where advertisment is so common. everywhere is polluted with advertisment, you cant walk along any street without seeing some form of it, and alot of the time its aways like a constant convincing of the viewer that you and your life is going to be far better off if you have this product. its going to benefit you and your exsistence.

Even Photographers get into this advertisment industry so easily. this is a H&M commerical made by Photographer David Lachapelle. it follows the story of romeo and juliet. to me this advert is just encouraging the sales of clothes. if you buy clothes from H&M, you can look like romeo or juliet and you can therefore have your own love story, find true love, have adventure, solve all of your emotional worries and life anxieties by buying one ‘cool’ T-shirt.

I think i want to go in this direction for the production of the second part. i want to try and make a statement on the Fashion industry, maybe especially focus on how the garments are produced down the line to be available in high street shops like H&M.
Nosweat is a great website for finding out facts and unearthing truths about these big companies. for example how this stuff is manufactured, you will always catch a glimpse of the label on the piece of clothing which will say ‘made in china/taiwan/bangladesh/indonesia all of these east asian countries, but you never go further than that, never really understand the full context and process of it coming to be worn by you.