Final selections for Hungry Eye Picbod Task

I have finally made my selections for my submission to the Hungry Eye competition/task set by Editor Grant Scott during the recent weeks of the PICBOD module.
Before i post these images which have only seen a little bit of editing to get the colours right after i had scanned them in. I was scanning negatives the other day and found this negative in the back on my folder, i cant really remember taking it. It must be from about 2007 i think and it is of my father. i think this is nice to look at in a reflection on how i have been taking many photographs of him recently. This Leads me to the idea that possibily this could evolve into a bigger body of work. Maybe over a longer period of time.

here are my final selctions for the hungry eye task:

These images can also be found on the picbod flickr site


Ross Rawlings in conversation with Picbod

Ross Rawlings came in to talk to us this week, and i must say it was one of my favourite seminars or conversations we've had this picbod module.
Ross talked to Jonathan and the class about his work and touched on they process of making images. How he goes through his own personal process and how he learnt to make the camera a part of th scenery, especially within his project Just between us.

Ross was very insistant on us contacting him during the course of the rest of the picbod module and also in the future to show him work and also for him to show us images he's been working on. i intend to do this as my project develops, to get his opinions and where he thinks there is room for improvement.
This idea has really opened my eyes a little bit to the networking world where i could be getting in contact with alot of the picbod contributers and asking for advice or opinions.

Jason Tilley – Picbod resident photographer

Jason Tilley – Photographer in residence from CU Photography on Vimeo.

Jason has been around and about throughout this module and a couple of days ago we got to watch this short video and have a more in depth discussion about his current work. It has been great having Jason around for his expertise and opinions and great to just chat to quickly about your work or any advice you need.
We had a good talk about his Portraits he had just printed and we were asked for ideas on how we think he should display them and what information needs to be given with them if any.
After i have come away and thought about it the image of Jasons’ that has stuck in my head is the one of a man who he told us a story about. Becasue it was a short story with a bit of humour that has been the image which i think of when i think of jasons work over the last couple of days.
This leads me to think that maybe there should be the onsideration of text or a way of telling these stories of the images or of the people jason has photographed. I think people that want to know the information or more of an in depth knowledge of the portrait will inquire into them, but i think if they are displayed with the photographs, they might have a more positive effect on people. Jason’s work can be found here

Catching up on Negative Scanning

Images from my shoot

So this week i decided to go back and look for more detail in my fathers house. i wanted to stay away from taking his photograph again so i shot mostly when he was out of the house or in another room. These are the best images from what i took. the next stage will be to see if any of them work with the images from last. These images were taken on digital This time but i took along a tripod and went about the process as if i was shooting film.

Larger Versions

Here are the larger versions of the images from the contact sheet.

i think that on some of the images i may need to mess around with the levels and colours just to match how they look on the actual transparencies. i think the scanner that i used has given them a default RGB colour setting or something.

Contact sheets from this weeks shoot

i got my developed films back today and they were nice enough to give me a contact sheet! anyway, i thought i would scan them in and post a quick little one about it. I’m still in development on the idea of where these are going and this shoot was more of the agenda to get something nice to submit for the PICBOD clothed body task set by Hungry Eye Magazine. Please bare in mind that these were scanned with my rubbish little scanner thats very much outdated now poor thing. I am going to try and get these scanned properly after the weekend so i can see them nice and big!

Peter Dench – Top Tips

Aswell as giving us a nice little interview and a brief chat while he was on a train, Peter Dench has kindly given all us Budding photographers some top tips for street photography.
I have had a read through and there is some really good advice to be taken from a man with alot of experience. i think we should all print it out and stick it on our walls!

World Press Photo Winner 2012

In our picbod session today we spent some time discussing the winner of the world press photo award for 2012. As always there has already been alot of debate surrounding the choice of 1st place and we drew alot of our opinions and foundations for our discussion from ths collection of blogs and links from Martijn Kleppe .

I dont want to go into to much detail about my opinions on the winning Photo by Samuel Aranda but i do just want to outline a few brief points.
At first i really like this photograph, its straight to engage me with its off centre composition and colour pallette. The contrast of the white gloves are complemented by the dark shadows and black figure. There is no doubt that this is a strong image. I dont want to continue on to talk about now how much it resembles and refers to the Pieta or rennaisance paintings as everyone else is, i just want to raise the issue of this photographs denotation and context now that it has won the award. This is obviously going to add to this photographs communication, we will now always read it in a different way whether we want to or not, it’s become a part of this photographs story. The Debate it has caused. Personally, i like this image and think it is strong and believe it does communicate the issues of the time it was taken, as a photograph to demonstrate the Arab spring. The important role of women and how her white gloves are dirtied, how there is no need for a background of chaos and weaponry because its all in that embrace. However, how long are we going to validate these types of photographs which show an embrace and are directed to the reference of something which is a part of our western culture. This is the WORLD press photo and i think this is the key issue, the winning photograph always seems to have taken its culture from the West. I think there were probably stronger images in the competition that didnt win. I just feel that it would be extremely refreshing to welcome a winning photograph that was taken outside of the western context, away from the influence of our Arts and Culture since the Renaissance and Christianity. Instead a Christian symbolism has been placed on members of islamic faith so we relate to it better or understand it more. A paraphrase of something i heard today: 90% of the Photos coming from 2% of the world.

Pete Brook

Pete Brook: Prison Photography and Self Representation from CU Photography on Vimeo.

Pete Brook came into give us a guest lecture and also gave us a chance to show our work to him.
it was a great opportunity to have your work critiqued by a writer for wired magazone who spends alot of time looking at images.
Pete gave a very interesting seminar taling about his work and his recent progressions and raised some great things to think about in terms of image making and also exhibiting.
it was also interesting to hear Pete state that he is not a photographer and define his practice and get an idea of how he has ended up in the place he is now.