Critical Reflection – Simon Norfolk talk

After having a look around the Burke-Norfolk Exhibition at the tate modern, we were swiftly greeted by Simon Norfolk himself, who came bounding in and started a somewhat informal chat with us filled with his natural enthusiasm. He first talked of the histry of the idea for his project and it was staggering to hear how much research he had done in rder to produce the work. he Knew the histry relavent to his project inside out, it was practically memorised in his brain and i think from this i can get an idea of how i would approach my projects in the future. Seriously consider my research and develop ideas from it. He explained how his recent work on afghanistan was a very personal work t him an he felt like he had a very important message to cmmunicate with his photographs. he wanted to communicate his political views and ideas thrugh his images and shed sme light on how he went abut doing this. this brings us back t the research, from what Norfol said, he achieved this primarily from his in depth research, especially in finding John Burke and how he could collabrate his photographs with those of a man who has been dead for many years. he went on to talk of his early career as a photographer and hw he made money and it was interesting to hear his journey. He tl us of how he made money frm alot of commercial wrk and bits f magazine wor here and there but the thing that appealed to me most was the fact that he saved this money until he had enough to work on a current project when he sould just get up and go. This has given me the idea of being able t comprehend the idea of saving alot in order to pursue something which you are passionate about.


Critical Reflection – M Ward at Union Chapel Islington

The Union Chapel in Islington was such a unique and beautiful setting fr this one off UK performance. With the nights getting longer, i entered the church and left behind me the last of the evning light and found myself somewhere to sit inside the atmspheric church. i Found myself on a pew on the right balcony of the church with an excellent view of the stage and was watching the gradual fade of daylight through the mesmorising stain glass windows. The support act soon finished their set, to my relief and it was time to greet M Ward to the stage. The candles and Low lighting became more prominent as the evening grew darker and the atmosphere flourished in wait for M Ward to start strumming the chords of his first song. He came to the stage solo and stroked out these warm chords which echoed arund and through the whole church and crowd. He Played alot of songs from his album ‘post-war’ and gave them a slight adjustment to suit the evening. The Main thing that inspired me from this event is not only MWard himself, but the chosen venue. It raises ideas and makes it clear how important an Atmsphere is when Visiting anything. Fr Example, it would be great t have an exhibitin in a venue like the union chapel aswell as live music. it something which i will consider in the future. It has also inspired me t experiment mre with my own guitar playing, and be more confident with it. i want to experiment with different tunings and practice more. it has made me realise how little i know, watching Mward slide up and dwn the nec of the guitar with ease has definatly had a positive effet n me.

True Grit film review

The true grit remake directed by the coen brothers is a great homage to the original john wayne film. it is hard to watch the film obviously if you have seen the original like with most remakes, but this film takes on a life of its own. Jeff Bridges brings a more self destructive sense nto the character of Rooster Cogburn not seen in the John Wayne classic. He drinks mre and sleeps later but still keeps his dead eye for a shot on any gun. Also transformed is Matt Damon playin Labeouf, who is hardly recognisable from our affilliations with jason bourne. He plays this Confident young character very well and its nice to see him in a role where is character is not so sure of himself. The story pretty much follws the same plot as the original but with the aid of modern technology basically becomes a more up to date version. it’s a good story and a must see for any western fans and it does add a more Realistic edge to the life of Rooster but it would have been nice to have seen a newly developed story from these directors and with the caliber f cast at their disposal. This probably wuld of had more of an impact on this genre of film but also on the film industry. instead we are left to go through the famous ending of True Grit again but with a spruced up more 21st century look.

Jackie Brown film review

Jackie Brown is classic Quentin Tarantino which follows the story of a flight attendant who gets wrapped up in a intrequet plot with a local drug lord and the police. with an all star cast at his disposal, Tarantino acts a puppeteer to construct this reflection of inner city life within the confines of smuggling and crime. Samuel L Jackson, Pam Grier, Robert De Niro and Michael Keaton all feature and play the characters excellently and shed a new light on all of their talents. Tarantino gets their potential out of them, De Niro especially is taken out of that normal role of Italian Wiseguy he s usally cast as and put in this Petty criminal role which he plays great, showing this aged edginess and tense masculinaty in a character who is pulling himself through life with a few stops in prison along the way. Jackie Brown herself played by Pam Grier is this very dominant character throughout the film and has this sense of female domination over all of the ther characters, see is seemingly wiser and smarter than all f the male characters but does show that side of vulnerability which plays well with the slight love story also in the film. this film is also made by tarantino’s gift of being able to develop just the right soundtrack for his films. throughout this film there is this prescence of motown and Nothern Soul music which works well hand in hand with the sometimes violent story. it’s an unlikely match but tarantino has developed everything in this film perfectly.

A Room For Romeo Brass film review

Directed by shane meadows, this film is very typical to it’s directors style. Meadows has a unique way of telling a story and has characterised his traits over the years through films like this one. Most of the film has the early signs of that real life comedy which is apparent in meadws’ later works like ‘this is england’. This is definatly a film where he has nearly found his feet as a director or finally found his winning formula. The thing that sets this film apart and makes it have a big impact is the underlying dark character of Morrel (Paddy Considine)  who befriends the young Romeo Brass(Andrew Shim). This throws the viewer out of his or her comfort zone when a sudden glimpse of morrel’s true character comes to light. This engages the viewer into this potentially pschotic persona of morrel and gives you this very uneasy sesnse whenever he is on screen as you are waiting for him to snap at any given point. Within the trails and tribulations of Romeo’s family life, morrel acts as Romeo’s escape and takes him under his wing. The acting throughout this film is great even fromt he supporting cast, but Considine really shines in his role as morrel and displays perfecly his potential as a very diverse actor. The dialgue is up t scratch also, none of it seems forced, it’s very natural flowing which hints to me a spot of imprvisation n the actors parts. all in all a real good story, played perfectly and with the right amount of drama and tension to keep you hooked throughout.

Soundtrack for Research Dvd

This is the soundtrack i have produced for my research Dvd. i wanted something simple made from just playing around with guitars to get abit of ambience and i found that by simply picking the notes of two chords and layering up on top of that with some other chords and effects. there are three guitar tracks on the recording and they have all been slightly altered afterward to give them more reverb. i used a loop pedal for the main sequence and then over dubbed that with a guitar through a distortion and also a delay pedal to achieve the more Feedback type effect.

i may also include another track to use aswell as this one to offer abit of a difference in the Dvd.

Ten things…

Summer Project Reflection

As soon as i had read chapter 5 of Charlotte Cotton’s book ‘ the photograph as a contempory art’ i began to determine how i would go about answering the brief of the summer project. Straight away i was struggling with ideas so i began to take images on my Canon 45oD digital camera in an attempt to give myself some direction. I found that i was getting shots and finding compositions i could work with further, but i felt that the images from the Digital camera were coming out too clean and posed and i felt that this didnt really represent me personally, therefore wouldn’t work well in a diary format. I then came across some of Richard Billingham’s work which really gave me some influence and ideas. Billingham’s book titled ‘Ray’s a Laugh’ which documents his family at home really communicated the same things i wanted to communicate and achieve in my project. So after studying Billingham’s work i brought some rolls of cheap 35mm Colour film and with my Canon 500N camera, i documented one average day in which i went visiting my immediate family. In answer to the brief, i chose to look for the objects and marks that have been left by myself and my family rather than just take the obvious photographs.

In conclusion i think that overall i answered the brief well. I think i took it and put my own personal spin on it which i felt like we were encouraged to do. It really challenged me to think abit more outside the box and look to take pictures of whats left over and not what’s there. i feel as if this project has taught me some valuable skills which i can use in the future with future assignments and projects. i think that if i was to make any changes to this project i would have presented this work in a book as it would work well with it being a diary narrative, and this is definatly something i am going to look into in the future when presenting work.

Some examples of the Richard Billingham work i was looking at.

Summer Project

Short interview with Phillip lorca dicorcia