Final selections for Hungry Eye Picbod Task

I have finally made my selections for my submission to the Hungry Eye competition/task set by Editor Grant Scott during the recent weeks of the PICBOD module.
Before i post these images which have only seen a little bit of editing to get the colours right after i had scanned them in. I was scanning negatives the other day and found this negative in the back on my folder, i cant really remember taking it. It must be from about 2007 i think and it is of my father. i think this is nice to look at in a reflection on how i have been taking many photographs of him recently. This Leads me to the idea that possibily this could evolve into a bigger body of work. Maybe over a longer period of time.

here are my final selctions for the hungry eye task:

These images can also be found on the picbod flickr site

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  1. Excellent top image. Raw and gentle.

  2. LaineApine

     /  March 3, 2012

    Fantastical feelings!


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