Now i have reached the end of this project i can reflect on what i think i have achieved and also how i think i have dealt with any problems on the way. i chose to produce this work in the movement of post-modernism and particularly focused on a very modern aspect of it. i wanted to work within the idea of Archive which is something i have been looking at throughout this module including in my Dvd Presentation. I Wanted to work with this idea of a digital journal and i think that overall this has produced a succesfull final piece of work. With the modern age of photography the digital aspect of it has obviously change the way we make images so i wanted to address this in my work. I wanted to try and develop a realtionship between the authentic article and the digitally manipulated image. Everything i worked with was from an original entry into my journal which i then enhanced digitally. i wanted to dispaly this idea of the fact that there are some things i can do using digital technology that i cant do by hand and vice versa. to support the post modern movement i was looking at i chose to take candid photographs, i wanted to take photos that were not technically thought about, rather they were just impulse snaps. i had to develop a direction to go in with this project so i focused on documenting my bedrooms as they worked well with this idea of a very personal piece of work with it being literal entries from my journal. i want to give the viewer this sense that they are looking at something they maybe shouldn’t be allowed to look at. i want them to feel that it’s something personal and they even get the feeling that they are imposing on it. I wanted to achieve this idea of the Final Piece having no order, it was just pure imagery with no white space, for example the front and back covers are not designed as the cover, they are just more pages. i wanted to communicate this idea of being unorganised and random like most of a persons personal thoughts are. The Three main images i put in the middle of the zine and they are displayed larger than the other images i have used. i did this to surround them with everything else. and it also gives the viewer the chance to see where most of these thoughts are thought and where most of this imagery is made. The lead image is The Zine and the supporting imagery is the Three Large Photographs.I would have liked to have been able to have the time and Money to be able to have experimented with different papers and cards for it to be printed on. i would have liked the idea of using recycled card to fit in with the idea that alot of the imagery is recycled, and also look at other paper types to achieve an authentic and engaging final piece. i will continue to look into getting my zine printed in an edition of 50 and see if i can sell them through the internet but this is something which is very much moderated by my personal finances.


DVD Presentation



Nan Goldin

Goldin is a photographer who i have primarily looked at for my research project but have found she has given me a a few ideas when it comes to producing my Final Works for this project.
I think they diaristic way she produces her images documenting her own life and of those her around her really reflect this idea of Archive that i am trying achieve. Goldin seems to capture a persons character rather than just showing their representation, no image is forced and no image seems directed. I have been looking at her book the ballad of sexual dependancy and it shows this struggle for intamcy and a narrative of craving the understanding of friends. it is an archive of a number of years of Goldins life and is a diary but in a visual form. you really get this sense of communication through each image and you understand what she was trying to say on that particular day. it’s easy to relate to and put yourself in the situation, i find myself putting my own experiences into the Photographs in an attempt to understand them more. i think this really involves you in the work and if i can experiment my own ideas i can hopefully achieve the same thing. I think my Zine is going to be quite a personal thing like this work of Goldin’s is, but to draw away from that i would like to encourage the distraction of the viewer putting themselves into the situation.

More Zine research

These are two scans from a zine i have called Folklore by Gustavo Ohnuma and Aaron Mclaughlin.

i have taken alot of inspiration and ideas from this zine in the way it has been layed out. the first thing i noticed with this zine is that there is a limited amount of borders throughout it and i think this works quite well. i like how it is just packed full of imagery. no matter where you open it you can engage with it and there is no limitaton with it. it’s like the page isnt a boundry and some images just fall off it which i really like the idea of. i think that i will take this idea and experiment with it when designing my Pages and Images.

The history of the Zine.

i have been researching into the history of the zine on the internet and have come across a great website which has a great resource section, it has a number of articles and essays on the history of zines and also there place within society aswell as the issues they commonly raise.

The zine became considered an Artform in the 1980’s with the help of publications like Factsheet Five who were also a Independant zine publication. This of course was with the help of the punk rock movement in the decade previous where the amount of zines grew due to Photocopying machines. A Punk band would produce flyers and posters for a gig therefore also have the possibility of making an edition on Zines. The Early 90’s saw the rise of more illicit zines with the break of The ‘Riotgrrl’ Scene and from this zines recieved more interest from mainstream media. Then at the end of the 90’s with the development of technology and the internet, the zine became less common with people favouring substituting them with websites and the information you could get online. But over the last few years it seems as if the Zine is on the rise again with the ease of communication and the ability to purchase products online. In the Art world especially, i personally have bought zines before from a website called Fourteen-nineteen who specialise in distributing photography based zines produced by 14-19 year olds. aswell as purchases from a few others.

Soundtrack for Research Dvd

This is the soundtrack i have produced for my research Dvd. i wanted something simple made from just playing around with guitars to get abit of ambience and i found that by simply picking the notes of two chords and layering up on top of that with some other chords and effects. there are three guitar tracks on the recording and they have all been slightly altered afterward to give them more reverb. i used a loop pedal for the main sequence and then over dubbed that with a guitar through a distortion and also a delay pedal to achieve the more Feedback type effect.

i may also include another track to use aswell as this one to offer abit of a difference in the Dvd.

Tracy Emin

i have been looking at tracy emin because of her work with her bedroom which i remember from years back. i think this could relate to me with the ideas i have with taking photographs of my own bedrooms.


i think that from this i can take that i should just produce really honest images of any shots of my bedroom i choose to make. i like the idea that Emin is putting to us here and i think that when i look back on it now i can see the artisitc value of it more than i could when i first heard about this work. Emin is someone i am also going to look at in my dvd presentation for the fact that it’s this archive idea she seems to display with her work. where the actual process of making work becomes the actual art in itself. a more obvious example of this is the piece she produced with a tent.

everyone i have ever slept with, i think is a great piece of work to get this sense of archive or diaristic view. in this case it has been produced not while the events have happened but i think in the video it is explained very well about the fact that it’s about intimacy not neccesarily about anything sexual which is what the initial title implys and what the viewer initially thinks. obviously i am going to be creating somethign alot different but i can still take some inspiration from trying to imply certain connotations with my project. my project is going to be quite personal but it will only be me who understands how personal it is, but hopefully to the viewer it will have some relevance to them. for instance a favourite page or section.

Zine Layout

After talking to the staff at colorco i have had to get my zine layed out to be printed. i will have to cut up and layout my page designs in a certain way so that when it is put together it will work out that the original page designs will meet back up with each other just like how a magazine or newspaper works. to do this i got 12 sheets of paper and made a template. this worked well for me to be able to lay out the page designs correctly when it goes to print. here are some scans of my templates.

for instance, the front and back cover, on it’s reverse side would have to have page one and page 22. so page one would feature the left side of ‘untitled2’ page design and then page 22 will have to feature the right side of ‘untitled12’ page design.

this works the same for the second page. then when it is all put together it will work out, when it is viewed, as it was originally intented to.

Robert Rauschenberg

i have always admired robert rauschenbergs work, there is something that attracts me to it and i cant help but get lost in the layers of paint and fabrics. he uses photographs and advertisments and creates these great textures with the paint and textiles. Robert Rauschenberg is a great artist to look at in respect to the Post modernism movement i am looking at and i can take alot from his works when it comes to mine. he experiments with communcating issues to the viewer like politics but his art is less of a archive diary style and more of an actual piece of work. the archive style that relates to my work is in the fact that he uses these found objects and packaging and he layers in these photographs into his canvas. this reflects the time and date when this piece realtes to for example an old advertisment or packaging for a product would be dated back to when that would have been used. i plan to experiment myself a little bit with paint as i have seen from looking at Rauschenberg and also Dan Eldon. It is believed that if it wasnt for the early success of Robert Rauschenberg it Pop art would have never had made as much of an impact as it did or even have happened at all. Rauschenberg worked up until his death in 2008 and sometimes is regarded apart of the pop art movement aswell as the abstract expressionists in his early career like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. he then strove to get away from this and started ‘breaking the rules’ i have decided to include a video from you tube which i have watched recently.