Contact sheets from this weeks shoot

i got my developed films back today and they were nice enough to give me a contact sheet! anyway, i thought i would scan them in and post a quick little one about it. I’m still in development on the idea of where these are going and this shoot was more of the agenda to get something nice to submit for the PICBOD clothed body task set by Hungry Eye Magazine. Please bare in mind that these were scanned with my rubbish little scanner thats very much outdated now poor thing. I am going to try and get these scanned properly after the weekend so i can see them nice and big!

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  1. I really love these alot Sean, well done! Frame 7 of the first contact is really striking but I like 6 too, maybe it’s more subtle. The detail and light is brilliant. I love 9 on the second contact too, but they’re all great. I see you went to one vision imaging, you pleased with their service? Was it pricey? Gooood stufffff mate.

    • Thanks Adele, yeah One Vision were good, friendly, efficient. bit pricey but everything is if you’re working with film these days right!?

  2. David Miceli

     /  February 17, 2012

    I really like the second set – frames 3 and 9 especially. Looking forward to seeing them larger.

  3. Love to see 3 and 5 from first set plus 9 of second set together. These are beautiful . Sorry for brevity -on the road. J


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