Syposium Practice – Recording

W made recordings of our practice Symposium run throughs and this has given me the opportunity to hear myself back and make any adjustments i need to make. I can hear that i speak quite slow and it is obvious that i am a little unconfident with my script. I also feel that even though it is already over 10 minutes long i need to put more information into it. I think i need a little bit of definition on Nostalgia to clear that section up and form a good stance for the audience to follow. If i speed up in my talking and the delivering of nformation hopefully i will have enough room to add an extra minute of information.


Camera Lucida – Roland Barthes

I have selected a few quotes which i have found ineresting from Camera Lucida. I have tried to relate them to Instagram and the direction i am taking with my research but i have found this very hard to do. I appreciate the way in which Barthes Talks of the photograph but he is focused on the fixed image. There are certain aspects which do cross over and appeal to me when thinking about the fixed image being defined in reference and in co-existence to the fluid image but i havent gained anything i can directly put into my symposium. It has benefitted me though and has informed the way i shall talk about the fixed image. The Photographic Print.

“What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the Photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially.”

”When we define the Photograph as a motionless image, this does not mean only that the figures it represents do not move; it means that they do not (i)emerge(i), do not (i)leave(i): they are anesthetized and fastened down, like butterflies.”

“The Photograph is an extended, loaded evidence — as if it caricatured not the figure of what it represents (quite the converse) but its very existence … The Photograph then becomes a bizarre (i)medium(i), a new form of hallucination: false on the level of perception, true on the level of time: a temporal hallucination, so to speak, a modest (o)shared(i) hallucination (on the one hand ‘it is not there,’ on the other ‘but it has indeed been’): a mad image, chafed by reality.

“In an initial period, Photography, in order to surprise, photographs the notable; but soon, by a familiar reversal, it decrees notable whatever it photographs. The ‘anything whatever’ then becomes the sophisticated acme of value.”

“A paradox: the same century invented History and Photography. But History is a memory fabricated according to positive formulas, a pure intellectual discourse which abolishes mythic Time; and the Photograph is a certain but fugitive testimony; so that everything, today, prepares our race for this impotence: to be no longer able to conceive duration, affectively or symbolically: the age of the Photograph is also the age of revolutions, contestations, assassinations, explosions, in short, of impatiences, of everything which denies ripening.”

”but by shifting this reality to the past (‘this-has-been’), the photograph suggests that it is already dead.”

”Usually the amateur is defines as an immature state of the artist: someone who cannot — or will not — achieve the mastery of a profession. But in the field of photographic practice, it is the amateur, on the contrary, who is the assumption of the professional: for it is he who stands closer to the (i)noeme(i) of Photography.”

Fixing my own Fluid Images

df1b501072fd11e2ad5622000a1f98e5_7I have decided that it would be a good idea to Print my Instagram Images that i have taken over the past 3-4months. This is something i could then share with the Audience in my Symposium. I could somehow give them each a unique print which would tie in nicely for me to make a conclusion on what i have found from my research and also finish off my Symposium. I have decide to print them off in a way to reference a Polaroid Photograph so that it will hold some esemblence an dprove feelings of Nostalgia and similarity to the Polaroid. I have also chosen to provide the date on the Image in an extra attempt to fix it by a time and a place to affirm it’s idea as a fixed Image. Now it is in Print form it is no longer fluid and therefore the date becomes relevant.

Here is a selection of 24 images from 57 that i have printed.

Thinking about a Research Tool

Thinking about a Research Tool. In discussion with the class i have an idea that we could take into our hands the development of a collaborative research tool. We could Interview our chosen practitioners and share our findings with the rest of the class and also online. Therefore we would all be benefiting from one person opening up their research and also will provide us with a chance to be exposed to other areas which may suit our work which we previously didnt know about. Almost like a collaborative research Idea. I hope to think about this a little more.  It seems like quite a good thing that could work with the new formation of the Google Community in which we shall all feed as a Hub of information, as in the same manor we learnt from in Picbod and Phonar.

This will almost work as a constant stream of information and should hopefully build up over the course of the next few months to take us to our Degree Show.

So also if we are constantly providing it with content we will also be advertising our Degree Show by getting traffic to our page.

Kodak and the lens of Nostalgia – Nancy Martha West

I decided to research more into the Idea of Nostalgia and where the Nostalgia of photographs has come from. I find that Instagram is using the filters and Analog edits to the digital images as a marketing ploy, something which gets us using Instagram more. Which gave me an idea to look into how Kodak as an example marketed themselves throughout the 20th century. I came across this book Kodak and the lens of Nostalgia by Nancy Martha West, and it througouly explains how kodak used deas of Nostalgia in their Advertising Campaigns as far back as World War I.kodak

‘So it is astonishing when somehow the mnemonic potential of the objects fndamental to an entire social formation turns up raidcally disrupted or disabled. Then the Object in it’s ‘metaphysically’ enigmatic commodity form mutates into a privalaged icon symbolizing the whole crisis of memory and the sudden opacity of the past’

‘As Spitzer so poignantly demonstrates, the nostalgia exemplified by the uses of photography does not neccessarily entail retreat; it can equally function as retrieval, as a means of reclaiming the past and even shaping the future.

‘Kodak Advertising insisted on a nostalgic view of the world. Kodaks accent on memory intensified.’

‘photography then about it’s capacity for mnemonic labour’

‘kodak systematically urged it’s consumers to view photography and the world it recorded through the lens of Nostalgia’

kodak2 Kodak poster, about 1925

Organising Meetings

It has come to my attention that there is some serious organisation issues within our group in the starting stages of planning the final degree show exhibition. I have decided and out it to the group that we should hold a weekly meeting which should be chaired and minutes taken. I thought of this after i considered my past experiences being a part of a big group who had certain goals to achieve within a certain time frame. For example, when i was 13-15 i played an active role in my Council’s YCG (youth consultive group) who would hold weekly meetings and have a budget to spend on projects for the youth of my Hometown.
I tried to introduce this idea of creating a set of goals for us to accomplish as a group within one week/by the next meeting, where then we could analyse it, improve and then progress.
I have offered myself to chair the meeting which means i have to display no Bias towards any Idea to make sure i dont have an impact on the groups decision. Therefore the Chair is not allowed to take a vote if a decision comes down to it.
So far it has been successful and the everyone seems to be understanding what they need to do and where they need to be at by the next week.
This week we have all got to come up with at least 3 fundraising ideas each which will then be discussed and thought about at the next meeting.

This could be a slow process but i think its helping us get the ball rolling and actually start to make a progression. Once it starts to snowball i think the more will get done and the more involved people will become.

Carbon one mini

Here is another example i have found of a polaroid instant Digital Camera.


Printstagram – Memory Box

This is the website for Printstagram who specialise in printing instagram Photo’s.

I had a good look through all of their products and think that i will include the memory box in my talk. It states that you can even ‘double prints for sharing’ which i have found quite humourous in the fact that people would rather do this than share their images online with potentially millions of people. It’s a good piece of evidence for me and is another thing to back up my point and to demstrate what i’m saying.


Polaroid Article by Sean O’Hagen

I started to research a bit more on this idea of nostalgia and I found a Martin Parr quote where he used the term ‘processed nostalgia’.

I was then able to find the original place where this quote came from and it was this article for the Guardian by Sean O’Hagen. It is bascially all about the demise of Polaroid but i am more interested int he thoughts of the meaning and context they use the word ‘Nostalgia’.

Martin Parr also describes it in the sense of the ‘fax machine’ and the slow process, and how this process of making imagery has now totally changed to be even more instant than the polaroid. This Article has been a good reference point but it still hasnt led me to anymore solidified thoughts on how i should talk about Nostalgia. Everyone seems to use the word so flippantly without actually explaining in what context they mean to use it. It’s not a Nostalgia that is produced by some childlike memory of playing with your favourite toys, it’s a Nostalgia of the Image, of the Photograph.

Socialmatic Camera

Now this is something i have known about for a little while but i remebered it and thought it would be another good example to feature in my Presentation. I feel as if i ahve already got a good example which will take up prominent place but maybe a brief skim over this new prototype will suffice it’s inclusion. It directly appeals to Instagram which i think i have to respect due to the title and topic of my symposium. Once again it’s a great example of showing my audience the literal way of Fixing the Fluid Image.