Still Life Photographs

I also wanted to make a set of still life Photographs of the objects that are important to this story in particular. Objects that are still used by my dad today but also objects that havent been used for sometime and now spend their time tucked away in the cupboard.

Now i really like these Photographs as they tell so much from just so little. I like how a viewer would have to get close to see the texture and would sometimes would wonder what relevance they have. I am going to try and include these shots in the video.

If i cant fit them in the video in someway then i have an alternative plan for these Images.


I could make a composite of them, similar to how Steve Pyke sometimes does. I could then Print off a Limited number of these and hand number them and place them in a print sleeve to then give to people as an Artefact. People who take a srtong liking to the work or people i wish to thank or keep up to date with the project.



Steve Pyke Composite.




Above – My idea for a composite.


Film Scans from Trip to Kenilworth


The trip to Kenilworth in the original Photographs was made the day before my Dad had his Brain Haemorrhage.

These are the scans and Photographs from the trip back there for the first time in 17 years.

Some of them have been compressed badly and look alot better on the actual slide film

My Dad as an ‘Informed Subject’

When thinking about the Photographs i have already gathered and the ones i will make in the future with this project, I have seen that my Dad is an Informed subject. I first noticed this by his dress and the way he has chosen to represent himself. In the first set of photographs i have taken in our trip to betws-y-coed, he is wearing smart clothing and it suggest that he knows he is going to be Photographed. This has given me  a positive opinion of the effect the undertaking of this project is having on him. This is saying to me that he is Happy to be making Images that he wants to Collaborate with me as the Photographer to give a positive representation of himself. This means that the statement and practice we have outlined and communicated on as my Dad as Author and me as Producer is providing him with a great sense of control and is working positively in regards to producing work that is in no way exploiting him as the subject but also working in producing good work that we can be happy with.

My Dad thinking about the Photograph as a Memory

I have been in conversation with my Dad a lot during the course of the collaboration on this project. He was recently talking to me about his ideas on the actual Photographs becoming the Memory rather than the actual experience.
This made me think i should introduce him to a few chapters i have read in the past and have sent him over some Copies of Susan Sontag ‘On Photography’ and also The Winter Garden Picture Chapter in Roland Barthes ‘Camera Lucida’.
It’s really exciting to see my dad starting to think about Photography more in depth, he is becoming more informed as a subject and his ideas are really helping to develop the project. He is wanting and suggesting to tackle ideas which interests him which is a great development on him as the Author, and me as the Producer. I am not exploiting him like it could have been said i have in the past with my previous work. He is becoming more active as a participant which is helping this project make a positive progression and create a positive portrait of him as subject.

Developing on The Phobus ethic, Idea and onto the Future

I have taken a few days to think about the Phobus and how i can take this experience and use it in the production of my final major project.
The project with my Dad is going to be taking place mostly in the same car as the majority of the Phobus is filmed so i have great practice now with recording and gathering footage in this vehicle and how to get the best results.

The Phobus has also provided me with great practice in editing and getting to know the Final Cut pro software which is what i’ll be using to produce and edit together the footage for my final major project’s video.

I have also come to gain a bit of knowledge of how to export and publish videos online without losing too much quality. The sites like Youtube and Vimeo do take HD videos but you have to export them in a specific way to keep file size down but without losing the quality that you have in the video. There are also other Compressing tools and application like ‘Compresser’ on Apple Mac which can be used to achieve this. I have found though that the best way to do this and easiest is to do it using the editing software.

The potential of The Phobus to become a literal vessel for transporting work is also playing on my mind. The phobus could also open up to becoming a travelling exhibition bringing Stories to the community but also potentially Oli and myself using our skills to help other people tell their Stories. The Final major project could be the start of this as a basis for the development of it. There is also a potential to run workshops out of the car, you could ask the public to book a workshop where you could teach ways in telling stories with Photographs, something which could provide a great community service to young people or maybe even an older generation who want to learn how to make the most out of their Digital Cameras.
Just an Idea

Feature Films and thinking about Sound

I have been watching some of my favorite films in an attempt to gain some inspiration for the making of my Short Film. I think if i can watch then critically i may be able to get some ideas of how to attempt transitions or attempt to communicate the story. The main thing i’m also looking for is the use of sound. Sound Recording i have found is so important. The audio is what is going to be the main communicator. I want to see how in depth i should go in creating a soundscape of environments and i believe the best way to do this is go right to the feature films who are experts at foley sound and also field recording to give that texture to an environment.

O brother where art thou?

I really enjoy this film and i am a Coen Brothers Fan. So i have re-watched it to see how it is put together and espeically being critical on the sound. I found that this is very Soundtrack driven, Music is a massive theme throughout the Movie so the Soundtrack is Excellently selected and reflects not only the period of the Story but the feeling of Journey and Adventure, Strife, Torment and Lust.
Also the sound effects and the Foley Sound to create soundscapes are perfectly constructed.
I think i am going to start to source music and maybe even produce some myself. I will start searching CC licensed music on Soundcloud. Unfortunatly until i have my footage i wont really know until what music will suit.

The New Project Blog

I have started a new blog for the project ‘does not suggest that death within 6 months is likely to occur’ following my father Lee Carroll.

The blog can be found here

what i have written in the about section of the blog explains my reasons for setting it up so i will paste that here :

This project is an on going photo-documentary following my father Lee Carroll as he prepares for a possibile return to work after 16 years due to The Welfare Reform Bill 2010 – 2012 . My Father suffered a Sub-Arachnoid Haemorrhage (brain haemorrhage) on 27th July 1996 age 37. He has been declared unfit for work and has received incapacity benefit ever since due to the condition and disabilities he has been left with.

I have started this blog to act as an online platform for the evoloution of this project. The aim is to make all developments and sketches of this project accesibile to the audience so everything becomes available instead of just witnessing the final product. Hopefully this will then encourage people to get involved and participate with the project. Somewhere where they can ask questions, make suggestions or even criticisms. This will then hopefully pull in interest from people who are in similar situations like my Father, and it can become an open platform where they can also share their experiences and stories.

This is also an attempt into getting my Father more active in this project, maybe even to the point where he can dictate my Photography. I want to change the dynamic of always taking Photographs of him and the idea that i’m always taking something away. I want it to become more empowering to him as a subject and i want him to feel as if this project is as much his expression as it is mine. I am going to get him to use this blog as a space for his thoughts, ideas and reflections and somewhere where we can both use this to further investigate The Welfare Reform Bill and life after a Brain haemorrhage.

So please comment, ask questions and submit your own stories and thoughts.

Sean Carroll

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