Developing on The Phobus ethic, Idea and onto the Future

I have taken a few days to think about the Phobus and how i can take this experience and use it in the production of my final major project.
The project with my Dad is going to be taking place mostly in the same car as the majority of the Phobus is filmed so i have great practice now with recording and gathering footage in this vehicle and how to get the best results.

The Phobus has also provided me with great practice in editing and getting to know the Final Cut pro software which is what i’ll be using to produce and edit together the footage for my final major project’s video.

I have also come to gain a bit of knowledge of how to export and publish videos online without losing too much quality. The sites like Youtube and Vimeo do take HD videos but you have to export them in a specific way to keep file size down but without losing the quality that you have in the video. There are also other Compressing tools and application like ‘Compresser’ on Apple Mac which can be used to achieve this. I have found though that the best way to do this and easiest is to do it using the editing software.

The potential of The Phobus to become a literal vessel for transporting work is also playing on my mind. The phobus could also open up to becoming a travelling exhibition bringing Stories to the community but also potentially Oli and myself using our skills to help other people tell their Stories. The Final major project could be the start of this as a basis for the development of it. There is also a potential to run workshops out of the car, you could ask the public to book a workshop where you could teach ways in telling stories with Photographs, something which could provide a great community service to young people or maybe even an older generation who want to learn how to make the most out of their Digital Cameras.
Just an Idea

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