Steal This Film

Steal This film has been a good source of research for me when looking into ideas of Copyright on the internet. I’m really trying to think about ideas of how copyright has changed and this film has been a great source of education when it comes to Online Piracy and Copyright Laws. It has really opened up my eyes to see how the Internet and Digital world has made Copyright laws somewhat out of date. I feel like we are trying to moderate a new Medium with an Old set of rules. It almost seems like we need to re-evaluate and take a look at the old business models and try and update them to suit the way in which we distribute information or how we have little control of the distribution of things online. Throughout this film there is a mian focus on the Movie Industry and Pirated downloaded Movies via file sharing and Torrenting, but it really does rasie issues and questions of Authorship. How do we maintain the Authors rights? or how do we adjust and update to make sure that they are maintained.


Side By Side – Keanu Reeves

Here is the Trailer for The Keanu Reeves Film I watched Recently.

I have wanted to watch this for sometime as i have quite an interest in cinema but i espeically found it to be relevant for my area of research for the Symposium. Reeves has produced this film to demstrate the transition from Film to Digital in the Moving Image world. He shows how Hollywood has evolved to a point where it is extremely rare to find a modern film that has been shot on film reel. It’s almost to the point now that if you were to shoot on film, it’s like it’s a certain medium or it’s a statement in itself. Reeves shows us how much more cost and time efficient the use of digital has changed the Industry and touches on notions that for this reason, you are able to make more films and therefore make more money.

I have been trying to make this relevant to Photography and my Areas of Research. I’m trying to continue to open up my mind to arguments between the Analog and the Digital as they are still going on and are very much highly debated topics. I definatly have found this a good source of information and am extremely interested in the information that Reeves provides us with in the aspects this fluidity, the faster working process, the Quantity produced. That might be an idea i’d like to continue on with and look into more.

This was also a good video to watch for some extra information. A Q&A session for the Film Side by Side.

Creative Workshop 4 : “Spoken narrative” #Phonar

Here is my 3 minute spoken narrative story response for this week’s phonar task

Mark McGuire – Phonar Lecture -Technologies and Transformational Experiences

Mark McGuire: Technologies and Transformational Experiences from Matt Johnston on Vimeo.

Mark McGuire came and gave us a really good Lecture which focused a lot on what he likes to call ‘remix culture’.

It was a really good (after)/(middle) introduction and overview to the Phonar Module i feel, it kind of introduced us to the Ideas we should consider with going into the rest of the module. Mash ups and remixes, Collaborations. He was very much also promoting the open education idea which sits right in with Phonar very well. He is a very intelligent man and it was great to get a chance to have a good chat with him after on other areas off the subject of Phonar.

Phonar – Task 3 – Unphotographable

Phonar Task 3 Unphotographable Phiction

We were asked to go onto and select a piece of text from Michael David Murphy’s work. Three stood out to me initially:

This is a picture I did not take of a rainsoaked woman with white hair in a white jogging suit with red stripes down the legs, walking toward me in a downpour, carefully pressing a white kleenex against her bloody nose.

This is a picture I did not take of a woman in pink jogging suit, spotlit and standing in the middle of the floor, surrounded by eight men sitting on benches in a smoking lounge at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, puffing away at 5:13 in the morning.

This is a picture I did not take of an empty parking lot in early morning light, a boy and a girl in the  middle of it, the boy 15 feet away from the girl, both of them facing away  from me and bent over at the waist, tripodding like sandpipers hunting  beach grubs, the boy with a piece of blue chalk in his right hand, the  girl with pink, each drawing long straight lines perpendicular to the  parking spaces for no apparent reason at all.

I eventually decided to go with the first one. I made a rain maker out of a Tin Can and some rice after our introduction last week to foley sound

The rest of the sound i gathered was real but i had attempted to control it a bit more. especially when making the extra rain sounds and footsteps. I tried to consider the enviornment more when i was recording the sounds. For the Images i sourced them all from Creative Commons Licensed Imagery. All the images were listed as allowed to be used and/or adapted so i wanted to gather images this way as i find the idea of it interesting.

Here is the video i produced.

WhatWhyHow – Initial symposium ideas

Your Name ……Sean Carroll……………………………………………………. My research is about………………. Has the way we view and use images online changed the way we view images in a physical environment?
We use the Internet with short term memory, has this affected the way we view photographs offline? Photography and short term memory? Why I’m researching this…………….
To determine why and how people are communicating with imagery differently because of the Internet. Does the sensory experience need to be enhanced to engage the networked audience. To discuss how the digital has infiltrated the gallery.

How I intend to research this………. Mainly Books and articles, Exhibitions, Interviews with Curators and Photographers.

SeanCarroll-WhatWhyHow PDF Version

Phonar – Alienated Sensory Mashup #2

I thought that i would produce another short video for this weeks creative workshop for #phonar. I wanted to try and team up with my Dad with interest into my current project ‘does not suggest…’
As my Dad is partially sighted i thought it would be an interesting exercise if he were to focus on taking the photographs with his hearing impaired and i would record the sounds with my vision impaired.

I was having to drive my Dad to my Gradfathers house as my nan has just gone into hospital. It was quite a short visit so there wasnt much time to take many photos or much sound but my Dad managed to get through one roll of film. It was feeding time for my Grandads Dog and my Dad and Grandad were getting ready to leave for the hospital to visit my Nan.

Foley Sound and The Cabbage song.

I found the introduction to Foley sound really interesting. i have known about it’s production in the past but have never really attempted it myself. After going into the Radio Studio with Paul Adkins and making different Noises from a Cabbage that with a bit of post production can sound anything but a cabbage i think i may try and make my own rain sounds by using a old tin and some uncooked rice. May try and use this in the Unphotographable Phiction Task.


Cabbage song which Paul produced from our Foley Sounds:

Phonar – something for the weekend- Benjamin Chesterton of DuckRabbit

A relaxing Weekend Chat here which turned out to fill me with Inspiration and Ideas. I have followed DuckRabbit since i came to Coventry and it was good to get a chance to hear a conversation with Benjamin. It was really good to come away from the photography side of things and also hear the brief opinions on The education System and Open Learning.

He was also Kind enough to leave some key Photo-skills:

Five things that Duckrabbit look for in their photographers:

1: Good teamworker
2: Work hard/commitment
3: Always learning
4: Have a good editorial mind
5: Attention to detail

#Phonar Creative Workshop 2 – Alienated Sensory Mashup

Mariya Mileva and myself teamed up this week to give the next phonar creative wrkshop a go. Here is what we came up with.

I was the ears and Mariya was the eyes. We drove around and stopped off at places and waited in that environment for awhile. I sat and listened and then Mariya went on to take Photographs.