Working with Light Easter Task

Nancy Holt

I first remeber seeing this piece of Land art on a television programme which was looking at this specific medium. i remeber being very impressed in the way in which these sun tunnels holt has created use the sun and earth as its main manipulation. The way in which she has manipulated sunlight to create this unique piece of work really inspires me. i like the idea of how she has involved nature and the suns natural path with the construction of man made tunnels to display evolving patterns and shadows from the suns light. it works in conjunction with the time of day and also year with it being purposfully made to react accordingly at the summer and winter solstice.

Mohamed Bourouissa

i found Bourouissa when i recently went to the birmingham museum and art gallery while the fierce festival was taking place. he made a big imression on me as his photos seem to take alot of inspiration from Crewdson and Wall in the sense that they are staged and have that cinematic feel. i thought it was interesting though how Bourouissa’s photos seemed more raw and more real so to speak. i think a big part of this is the way he has used light. it looks to me that he has used alot of natural lighting or available street lighting to construce these images. i think it might be a case of using car lights and positioning and picking locations which have sufficient steet lighting. this differs from crewdson for example who used industry standard movie lighting in his pieces.

Dayanita Singh

I first saw some of Singh’s work at the same exhibition space where i saw Bourouissa. i originally didnt really like much of her work but it reminded me of some of the things i have attempted in the past with night photography. after looking at her images abit more i began to enjoy the way in which she was using the ambient streetlights to give her images that amber glow. this made me think about how alot of photographers try and get away from that over orange polloution with night photgraphy by using filters and also post production of an image but i found a lot of respect for Singh to be brave enough to use this as a main point of her images.

Zhang Enli

I really liked this painting which i saw at the same exhibition as the above photographers. I decided to include it in my research because i sense a big photographic inspiration with this piece by Enli. he has managed to paint the way in which a camera would work with light i find. i had to look at it for a moment when i saw the piece to work out that it was actually a painting. i think this is an example of the many painters who are starting to paint so detailed that their paintings start to look like photographs. this is obviously inspired by the way the camera captures light and works with it to produce an image.

Robert Perry

Robert Perry is a local landscape Painter to the midlands area and he has a piece of his work displayed in the birmingham art gallery. i couldnt find the piece that i saw which was painted with brushes but included strokes with grass and leaves where he created this night time skyline. i really liked the way he used the streetlights as these abstract burning balls surrounded by these dark navy blue silouetted shapes of distant houses and buildings. here is a different example of his work.

Gillian Wearing

I saw this being exhibited at the birmingham art gallery also. i really like the studio lighting technique wearing has used to capture this doll like stillness of her subject. the colour and paleness she has achieved i think is definatly down to the way she has manipulated the light. i also like the idea of having the subject wearing that china doll mask which adds to that pale aesthetic of the photgraph, it gives that feeling of fragility and innocense.

Todd Hido

Todd Hido is a photographer i often look at. he is a great example of someone who really experiments with light in his photographs. alot of his work is based around the way in which he can use light to creat a sense of drama or suspense in his images. i think he does it in a really succesful way, he seems to be able to mould the natural light into the perfection he needs.

Justin Quinnell

I have looked at Quinnell as apart of my research into pinhole cameras and have been really taken over by the series of images he has done with his mouth practically acting as the camera. i think this idea is great as the things he photgraphs are given this very surreal border which also gives this great humour occasionaly. this is another demonstartion of working with light in your own way. he has made a camera and designed it in the way he wants to capture the world and have it respond to light.

Hannah Starkey

I went to see the starkey exhibition at warwick arts centre last march which was showing her work 29 pictures. it was only until i went to see them and saw them printed as Ctype prints and on a big scale that i could really appreciate her ideas. i thinkshe uses light as a great tool for blocking out certain parts of photographs or in some cases lightening the whole frame for a clear view of everything. this adds a great drama to her images and works well any narratives she is trying to create. it makes you ask questions when you look at her images.

Alan Jaras

I have started looking at a more literal way of working with light and have been looking more at light artists like Alan Jaras. i think the images he produces are great abstract demontrations of light itself showing how it can be moulded and manipulated in different ways. jaras chooses to use alot of different colours with his light drawings and used glass to expand and direct the light in different ways. i like the pieces he produces as you can get loast in the patterns the light makes when you try and follow its trails. i like the way there is a degree of no control in the photgraphs with the way the light behaves but it’s also produced to be directed in a certain way, but i like to see them more as experiments with that randomisation that will always occur. i think it demonstrates that although you can manipulate light you will never be able to take full control over it in this aspect of things.

Michael Bosanko

Another light artist photographer i looked at is michael bosanko who i have included for the same reasons as jaras. his work is very similar but he inlcudes his light manipulations within environments.

Dean Chamberlain

i have included Chamberlain for the same reasons as the above to light artists as he again is very similar. chamberlain does very long exposures and will literally paint light onto the environment to get these effects in his photographs. i dont liek them as much as the other light artists work as i find it quite sickly and it ends up looking like some kind of drug induced surreal world. it is good to include though as it is another demonstartion of how light can be used within this idea of light art. i like the idea of using light like paint and literally painting on over structures and people to get these effects.

Tony Calzetta and Gabrielle de Montmollin

i came across these two artists who were using photocopies as their medium for creating work. the photocopy machine works strictly on light so i thought it was interesting that there are people out there who are using this. it produces some really interesting pieces of work and provides the option to draw with copies later and also mix up imagery to create surreal characters or to mess up situations.