My Dad thinking about the Photograph as a Memory

I have been in conversation with my Dad a lot during the course of the collaboration on this project. He was recently talking to me about his ideas on the actual Photographs becoming the Memory rather than the actual experience.
This made me think i should introduce him to a few chapters i have read in the past and have sent him over some Copies of Susan Sontag ‘On Photography’ and also The Winter Garden Picture Chapter in Roland Barthes ‘Camera Lucida’.
It’s really exciting to see my dad starting to think about Photography more in depth, he is becoming more informed as a subject and his ideas are really helping to develop the project. He is wanting and suggesting to tackle ideas which interests him which is a great development on him as the Author, and me as the Producer. I am not exploiting him like it could have been said i have in the past with my previous work. He is becoming more active as a participant which is helping this project make a positive progression and create a positive portrait of him as subject.

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