Writing a Speech

A classmate (Oliver Sharpe) and I were asked at very short notice to write up a speech to be given on the opening night of the exhibition. We had to come up with something quite short that would sum up and cover a whole aspect of :

1. Our experience as a class

2. The hard work gone into the Exhibition

3. The thanks we needed to give

4. A reflection on our time at University

5. A look to the future.


These 5 main points were areas which we needed to cover in order to give a speech which would be interesting and personal. We had to take into account that we were also writing this on behalf of the rest of the class.
At first this was a really hard job, we couldn’t seem to find the right words. We took a moment to analyse why this was and realised it was because we were approaching it too formally. We realised that the formal nature doesn’t really reflect on us as a class and if we tried to relax a little bit and be honest, we could probably start to come up with something quite apt.

There was then the issue of who would give the speech. It was decided that i would give the speech on my own as it would be better than having two people doing it in separate parts. I had to call upon my public speaking skills which were strongly developed in the symposium module, and also give myself the confidence to read the words we had written. I have never given a speech before but i have made presentations. The speech i found was quite different, i had to try and talk to the whole room but also make eye contact to attempt to relate the words to every individual.

Here is a copy of the final speech.


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