The Exhibition

This is a quick video we put together of the exhibition space we have just secured. It was made just so the class can get a rough idea of what the space looks like. We have planned the opening night for the 15th March and are just in the process of setting up the Facebook event and making a start on the promotion of the Event.
It will be held at Artspace in coventry who have a basement which they dont use which is a little derelict. We believe with a weeks hard work and clean up operation it will be a great little place to hold our exhibition. Myself and Adele have therfore become members of Artspace in order to have use of the Basement space. It also happens that this basement was once the site of Holyhead youth club which housed members of the Specials and the Selector in the very early stages of their musical careers. It has a few walls of grafitti from that era.

The above image is going to be my final set up for the prints i ahve chsen for the exhibition. once this set up is mounted on the wall i will then find a way of including the Book, maybe on a plinth or shelf of some kind to go with the prints. I will also have a foreword of information about the project which could be something mounted on foam board to stick next to it which obviously give author information but a brief insight into what the project is about.


The First Edition Arrives

The first edition of  copies of my mini book/publication arrived today

i will personally write the number in each of these and will distribute them as an artefact myself. not sure how much to sell them for yet or who to give away to. I think my Father will get one for free as he is my subject and what the project is about .
so this will act as a supporting piece with the prints which the viewer will be able to pick up and look through in the exhibition space. It includes more photos and a more in depth look into the project.

Photos on my website

I have now put a selection of photographs from the project up on my website which give it a bit more of a web presense. Its another place to link people to from twitter for example if they want to see the work.

I think the next stage of this will be to get a copy or interactive version of the booklet on here. or even a link

The Book and making the most of the digital artefact.

I am producing a book as a supporting piece of the exhibition prints which can house the text more easily and i can include more images to display more of a narrative with the story i’m trying to tell. I have uploaded my finished book to Magcloud and this is where i am getting it printed from. Magcloud also acts as a distribution service which people cn buy from. So for instance i can sell the Book from this Website. They charge the cost of the Book to print and then the Author can choose how much of a mark up to put on it. I have made it available for free download and preview so it can be viewed online, but to get the actual artefact and printed version there is a charge. i have put a mark up of 100% on it so it costs $8.00 to buy which is about £5.00 which i think is great value for money. the website also offers the ability to be able to share the information and get links to it which is great for promoting your artefact and especially for me who can link to it on twitter and have direct access to everyone following #picbod

Nothing can beat the actual artefact though so i have purchased a print order of 5 Copies which i will call the first edition. i can then personally  distribute them as a part of the exhibition piece.
I have purposfully made the book to act as a ‘teaser’ into the work. i wanted it to be a brief insight into what i have been doing and to make people interested in the project as i develop it further!

And here it is, it provides you with codes so you can insert it directly into your website or blog.

Working on Image pairings and designing the book for print.

I have been working on some image pairings, and ideas for the book layout and also exhibition.

these are some initial ideas for my prints, or exhibition artefacts. Just some ideas on how i could pair some images.

i have also been learning how to use Indesign to produce a book of the images with the text. To be used as a supporting piece. I went and sat in with the First year photograhy students who were having a workshop in how to use Indesign and i learnt how to produce a simple book. I have been messing around with a few ideas and have been looking into print and publishers who i could go to to get this produced. I will probably go with website Magcloud. The print and publish the magazine or book and send it to you. They also offer you an online distribution service where people can view the book online and also buy it. It has common factors and options to share the media aswell, so it would be easy to promote though links on twitter. I think this is the best option to optimise the photographic works online presense. It provides an online artefact.
Here are some examples of the pages ive been designing

Adding in the text to the images.

I havent really talked too much about the text side of my project and how it is going to play a big part in the narrative and the way my piece will communicate. I am going to be taking all of the text from a recent appeal form my dad has filled in. This the Appeal form which started the idea for this project and its intentions and its the story i want to tell. I have 21 pages of the questionaire and i have selcted these few bits to work with the images i have taken. They seem to work best:

i think these texts work well as the handwriting sections scanned in. i think they would be really nice paired with images and presented in a book. it gives it that personal touch to work with the personal images.

Editing the images and Text together

I have been Working with the images alot lately by leaving them out on my desk and also producing a copy of small print outs to mess around with. Just so i can live with my images which has been advised to us by the likes of Peter Dench. When i have a spare moment i can stop by my desk or the table where i have the set of images and can spend  a couple of minutes just pairing them together or seing how they work when constructing a narrative. Also having the text at hand to read while editing to pick out and edit down the bits of text i think also work well.

The above image shows the main pairings for the exhibition piece i want to produce. i was thinking a triptych and also a big print, so in total, 4 prints. i want one large leading image and then maybe the triptych idea underneath the main print. The image above shows my ideas for this and which images to use.
Exhibition Piece
for the exhibition piece of these prints i think im going to go as far as getting them framed and ready to be put on the wall. i think its neccesary to get them framed becasue of the nature of the project. because it is quite documentary based and also with the photographs i have taken the time to use slide film and compose them with care, i think the final prints being in a frame solidifies this considered approach.

Final selections for Hungry Eye Picbod Task

I have finally made my selections for my submission to the Hungry Eye competition/task set by Editor Grant Scott during the recent weeks of the PICBOD module.
Before i post these images which have only seen a little bit of editing to get the colours right after i had scanned them in. I was scanning negatives the other day and found this negative in the back on my folder, i cant really remember taking it. It must be from about 2007 i think and it is of my father. i think this is nice to look at in a reflection on how i have been taking many photographs of him recently. This Leads me to the idea that possibily this could evolve into a bigger body of work. Maybe over a longer period of time.

here are my final selctions for the hungry eye task:

These images can also be found on the picbod flickr site

Ross Rawlings in conversation with Picbod

Ross Rawlings came in to talk to us this week, and i must say it was one of my favourite seminars or conversations we've had this picbod module.
Ross talked to Jonathan and the class about his work and touched on they process of making images. How he goes through his own personal process and how he learnt to make the camera a part of th scenery, especially within his project Just between us.

Ross was very insistant on us contacting him during the course of the rest of the picbod module and also in the future to show him work and also for him to show us images he's been working on. i intend to do this as my project develops, to get his opinions and where he thinks there is room for improvement.
This idea has really opened my eyes a little bit to the networking world where i could be getting in contact with alot of the picbod contributers and asking for advice or opinions.

Jason Tilley – Picbod resident photographer

Jason Tilley – Photographer in residence from CU Photography on Vimeo.

Jason has been around and about throughout this module and a couple of days ago we got to watch this short video and have a more in depth discussion about his current work. It has been great having Jason around for his expertise and opinions and great to just chat to quickly about your work or any advice you need.
We had a good talk about his Portraits he had just printed and we were asked for ideas on how we think he should display them and what information needs to be given with them if any.
After i have come away and thought about it the image of Jasons’ that has stuck in my head is the one of a man who he told us a story about. Becasue it was a short story with a bit of humour that has been the image which i think of when i think of jasons work over the last couple of days.
This leads me to think that maybe there should be the onsideration of text or a way of telling these stories of the images or of the people jason has photographed. I think people that want to know the information or more of an in depth knowledge of the portrait will inquire into them, but i think if they are displayed with the photographs, they might have a more positive effect on people. Jason’s work can be found here