Setting up the Exhibition

Over the few days of setting up the Degree show Exhibition. I made sure i documented it. I wanted to document it on Instagram and i linked my account to post straight to Twitter. I was hoping this would draw a little bit of attention as well as me simply documenting the Exhibition set up. It was almost a way of advertising the exhibition because the online following can see it develop every time i posted a Photograph.

tumblr_mnirdzIAQ11qfngtao1_500 tumblr_mnk2m6XHW01qfngtao1_500 tumblr_mnkfugparK1qfngtao1_500 tumblr_mnm6x166Iu1qfngtao1_500 tumblr_mno323Lj5p1qfngtao1_500

I was also asked to help produce a Timelaose video of the Exhibition set up. Jack Somerset, Oliver Sharpe and Myself then took responsilbilty of this. I would set the camera up at the start of each day to take a photograph every minute.

Oliver Sharpe then Edited these together and this is the final result:

It was also finished in time for it to be inserted into the digital Catalogue.


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