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Day 20 – Professional Experience

Solihull College – Classroom Assistant

Today i was to contribute to the tutorial about getting the 1st year ND students to think about University and Further Education. I accompanied Emma Clarke who took the First Class and Dawn in the 2nd Class. I was required to chip in with my thoughts and experiences. I was asked to share my Knowledge and experience throughout the tutorial. The main point i wanted to pass onto these students was to make the most of the support they have at college, especially with applying to university. I explained how i had finished college and worked for 2 and a half years and then when i decided to apply for university had a real hard time completing my application because i had always had my mind set on that i wasnt going to go, which is why i never listened when we were being taught about how to go about applying. It was nice to spend some time today talking about something i am currently involved in, i was asked to tlak abit about coventry university and the course and it seemed to motivate some of the students to start thinking about their education future. In the afternoon i found myself taking a class on my own. Emma had some Paperwork and marking to be getting on with so she asked if i wouldnt mind taking the class while she did her work. i was a little nervous but i felt confident enough now that i had gotten to know the students a little better. I went round the class often and checked what students were up to and made sure they were doing something productive. Some of them went to the darkroom while others were in the classroom on research tasks. I had to help organise a few of them in regards to the fact they had a deadline to meet tomorrow and i was helpig them get together a plan of action for getting everything done on time. I felt like i recalled my Teamwork skills here from my mediating with the big group in the exhibition we put on. I helped each student by talking through what they had left to do and the time frame of doing it. I also spent alot of time talking to students personally about my university experiences and i feel that my workds and advice were really taken notice of more on a personal level one on one. i realised that there is only so much as a big group or class you can talk about but you really have got to approach each student individually as much as possible to make sure that both parties are awae of the others requirements as well as a Teacher should be aware of how to try and develop the Student.

Teamwork Reflection – Professional experience

I’m going to take some time now to reflect on my Teamwork skills. Now that i am coming to the end of this professional experience module i have found it the right time to think and analyse the pursuits i have been involved in. During my selected placements and endevours i have had to spend alot of time working in Teams. The main ones in particular being the Exhibition Experiences and also The Classroom Assisting. During the exhibitions there were strong roles which people tended to stick to. My time working with the Clarke Gallery as an Exhibition Assistant i believe i dealt with my responsibilities well. I tended to focus on my tasks in particular and getting them done within the time frame needed for the rest of the group. When i was hanging work for example, i only had the equipment needed for this for a limited amount of time as another person needed to use it soon after me to make sure their work was up on he wall on time aswell. Therefore i had to work to a strict time frame. I think the most important part about this was communication and to be totally informed about the tasks at hand. Similarly, when Curating our own exhibition, the picbod exhibition i took the role of curator and found myself organising alot of people and organising seperate teams. I believe that my Expreience with the previous Exhibition helped me in this as i knew that we had to talk and make sure everyone was informed about their tasks and responsibilities. I enjoyed the role of Curator more. I think i worked well with the Organising and planning of the event and i made sure to rely on other people in the team to do their jobs too. I did find myself getting tired in the process though and this left me to asses that maybe i was, at points, taking too much on.  Next time i’ll be sure to keep my limitations in mind and not be reluctant to ask for help. Other members of the team that worked on the exhibition such as Alex W and Kye T had commented how they felt confident with me making the final decisions on things. They gave me their opinion that they trusted me. In a curators sense i think this is a very important comment and also of being able to talk about our roles with each other.

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Day 19 – Professional Experience

Solihull College – Classroom Assistant

I was a little bit nervous about going into today as i had been asked to prepare a short powerpoint presentation on the Exhibition i had just done and also a short bit about Coventry university and the photography course. i was to present to the HND students who are just getting ready to do their own exhibition for their end of year show so the intention was to give them a bit of advice and to show them how i had approached it with The Picbod Exhibition.

The Class of students was quite small so i gained some confidence quite quickly and began the presentation as i had briefly practiced. i wanted to make the presentation abit informal so there was free roam for people to jump in and as any questions. Once i was in the swing of explaining and talking i became more confident in front of the class and relaxed myself which i believe seemed to relax the students too. It made the presentation and the process more smooth for both involved. I felt like i was being listened to closley ans this made me feel quite responsible and more confident and assured of my own experiences. Doing this Presentation seemed to validate my experience for me. It seemed to put it into perspective a little bit and the other project i had done for this module, i was now talking about. it provided me great ground to take a step back and reflect on the things i have achieved through this Module. After my presentation i ws then asked to do it again for a seperate group, this time the National Diploma 2nd years who were a bigger group. I didnt let this intimidate me too much as i was still riding on the confidence of the last presentation. I went into the presentation informal and relaxed and i think this made it in whole a better experience. i kept trying to make it relevant to the students by giving examples of similar things they would have to do. I Found that it was really important to be prepared. I think i would have been more comfortable if i had really developed the presentation more. I didnt get the chance to show the videos i wanted to either so next time i think i would have to provide videos which are not online in case of no internet access or when a website is blocked.
Here is the powerpoint i showed today.


i wanted to keep it simple and tidy but informative. i chose a simple white slide design.

Day 18 – Professional Experience

Solihull College – Classroom Assistant.

I finally got everything aranged for me to go in and do some classroom assisting at solihull college. I am a little bit disapointed as it has come through quite late in the term in reference to the deadline for this module as i wanted to get alot of experience from this particular position as its a profession i am very much interested in for the future. I havent let this phase me though as i plan to continue this placement for weeks after this module as it will gather me some great experience for the future as well as being a great addition to my CV.

I started my day at the college at 10am and met up with Emma Clarke who is the head of Photography at Solihull College. I am going to be shadowing her quite alot during this placement especially. the first session of the day i was working with 1st year national diploma students. i was given little direction except for being introduced to the class. i decided to observe Emma for a short while and then continued to start conversing with the students. I found this quite nerve racking at first but once i started paying attention to the students the semed to respond quite positively. i started by asking questions about their work and what they were up to. They were currently working on a street documentary module which required them to shoot in the style of Martin Parr. This was a good starting point to try and help them with ideas. They had to think of some ideas on how to produce 5 images for their final piece as it were. I found helping them brainstorm ideas and showing them similar practioners was a big benefit and help to them. There did seem to be certain students though in the class who wernt as enthusiastic towards me as others. i Found it especially difficult today to try and talk about their work or any ideas, some of them didnt seem to want much advice or help. I didnt really know how to deal with this at first but i tried to encourage them to talk a little. There were one or two students even after my persistance still didnt want to talk so i moved on and didnt push them. I am making sure not to forget about these particular students though and will try and think of alternative approaches for next time to try and help generate some responce and rapour about their work.

Another Part of my day which i found interesting was being in the staff room environment. A place which i have never been. it was nice to see all aspects of teaching today and i think its important to maybe try and make an effort in the staff room with the other teachers. i think this could be too easily looked over and i should really consider its importance to get some advice and experience off people who are in the profession i want to maybe pursue.