‘The view from inside’ picbod extra photographs.

From the photographs i produced for the creative workshop 2 ‘the view from inside’ i was asked to think about making some more images about my feelings on the visit to brighton. This would be in attempt to give the whole set of images more direction and meaning, to maybe tell more of a story instead of just a documentation.

i have included some ideas of how the images can work together aswell,  as they are hard to read when on a blog.
i have also taken some inspiration from this weeks task of ‘nude and naked’ in making the photographs of myself in these pictures.


Susan Meiselas

I have been looking alot at Carnival stripprs by Susan Meiselas. i feel that i have taken a bit of inspiration from this book for this picbod module.
The striking thing about this book is the information that is presented to you to direct the way you read the images. There is alot of text within the book which are taken from interviews Meiselas conducted with her subjects during her time documenting them. Its given me the idea to develop an idea for my own work for this module. I think including text is a very interesting idea and its also interesting where this text comes from or originates. Meiselas as i have said before has used her interview audio as the text to support the images and i believe this works really well within the book form. The one important thing i also think is that the text doesnt take away from the images. There is a clear structure and narrative within the images that if the text were to be taken away the viewer would not be left totally without an idea of how to read the images.
There is also a CD included with the book which contains the interviews and sound clips which provide a bit more of a multi media experience and also an experience all together when viewing the book. It has a very intimate documentary style capturing the subjects in honesty. Its like she has become a part of the scenery and she uses the technique of making the viewer observe without much confrontation. She displays her views and intentions well showing this seedy world seemingly controlled by Men but also suggests at the idea of empowerment for the strippers. Showing the hoards of men at strip shows truthfully as these drooling ,primitave mammals dictated by the womans movements.

I really like the way the images are structured throuout the book, meiselas goes in close but comes back again and then she places an awkwardly cropped image which at first makes an uneasy tension which settles down once you can comprehend the composition and structure which you originally thought wasnt there.

Picbod Workshop – Balancing light.

The picbod workshop today was a short exercise and refresh on how to balance light. Practicing the ability to be able to use more than one light source in your images and being able to switch between which source to use as your primary. We went out around the university and photographed our subjects while considering the best way to light the scene. we practiced with under exposing the sky and light of the sun and then correctly exposing the source of light from the flash, getting that to zone 5. it was a good refresher session and a good exercise to practice what we already know.

Creative Workshop 2: ‘The View From Inside’

Here are my results from the second week of PICBOD workshop ‘the view from inside’. I wanted to take alot of inspiration from Nan Goldin when approaching this task. I wanted to gather a series of intimate images and had the perfect opportunity to do so last weekend. i wanted to take some of the things we considered in the last seminar with the idea of Intimate vs Private.

Jasmine’s Birthday
I travelled down to Brighton on the evening of 19th January for Birthday celebrations with Jasmine and a group of friends. The celebrations went on all weekend until i left on Sunday night by train.

Day 2 – Professional Experience

Exhibition Set up – Clarke Gallery – The Mobility Project

I was called back by Curator Elly Clarke today to help out for another day at the exhibition set up. They needed a few pairs of extra hands to get ready for their Private Opening in the evening. I was required for a few minor tasks like abit of tidying up and sweeping but my main task was to go out Flyering. i went out in the afternoon with a large batch of flyers for the event and handed them out in Coventry city Centre. I also went round local venues and pubs, coffee shops and relevant shops to ask if they would display a few for the public to pick up. i found this a bit boring but it made me understand the importance of this type of advertising. i didnt really enjoy flyering to the public on the street as i felt abit intrusive and rude as i dont like it myself when bits of paper or card are forced into my hand that i dont find interesting or relevant.

Creative Workshop 1 ”Negotiation”

This is my result from our first week creative workshop on the PICBOD module. We had to anticipate a meeting with a stranger. i wanted to take this into the context of someone i dont know to well instead of the literal meaning. i started to think of people who were around me and came to realise that a good person to photograph would be my Friend and housemates girlfriend. Her name is Lisa and even though she is a person i see frequently, is a person i dont know much about. i chose to shoot on Medium format 120 film because i wanted to make myself really consider the image i was taking with composition and making sure the light was perfect. unfortunately i do feel like the images were a little bit underexposed but i think it works. its the only thing i would consider changing about the image.
In reference of the task, i tried to talk to my subject and relate to each other stories of our day. Lisa had been suffering with a toothache so she had just been to get some pain killers. She had a wisdom tooth coming through which gave me opportunity to reference my own experiences of this. I wanted to approach it relaxed and this little chat made the process much more easier and resulted in more relaxed and better photographs.

Day 1 – Professional Experience

Exhibition Set up – Clarke Gallery – Mobility Project.

Today i got the opportunity to help in the set up of the Mobility Project exhibition by curator Elly Clarke.
I arrived in the afternoon to the meter room in Coventry and was given directions to make myself available to help out the exhibiting Artists Hang their work. This was the first time i have ever really professinally hung any work on a Gallery wall so i was a little nervous. I started talking to a few of the artists and let myself become abit more settled in the environment and then continued to offer my assistance.
I found myself working with Artist Enda O’ Donoghue who needed help haning some of his work. The piece was 12 seperate painted canvasses which were to be displayed 4 x 3 with equal measurements between each canvas. i used a big meter Rule and also a spirit level to start out and marked out in pencil points to hand the paintings.
It took me quite awhile to get everything precise and in place. I found this a good first experience of hanging work in this environment and it made me realise how vigilant and perfect you have to be with your measurements and concentration. you havent got much if not any room to make mistakes when hammering in nails or tacks. Enda was really great to work with aswell. he was easy going and made the whole process less stressful for me.
i then also went on to help others hang their work and to give my opinions on where to place certain pieces. i feel privalaged to have had my opinion counted in this scenario and enjoyed my introduction into the world of curation and exhibiting.



I had loaned out a projector from the media loan shop in the university and realised while i had it i should take some images using it as a light source. From using it in the past i have noticed how much of a powerful light source it can be and how it can cast very intersting shadows with it being so directional. i wanted to take this opprtunity to see waht images  could get if i was to put a subject in the path of the light.

Technical workshop – Working intimately with natural light

here are my results from todays Picbod technical workshop. We were asked to consider natural light and how we can use it to our advantage. These are my favourite results from the images i took. We also experimented with getting more of a big contrast in certain areas where dark shadows of under exposure would work well with getting a good exposure on your subject.

‘Vengeful Librarian’

This is an article i read recently which touches on the amount of information that can be taken as ‘intelligence’ by governments to understand how their certain actions are being taken by the general population of certain areas and countries, through the information from social networking.
i think its quite relevant to include in my blog as its something to reflect on in terms of becoming apart of the internet by building a website for this module and generating my own internet presence.
i dont think a lot of people who use these mediums understand how much they are giving away in terms of information and personal information.