Day 17 – Professional Experience

Website Shots for Mike Cutayar.

My friend Mike wanted some Photographs taken for his website. He is a Producer and sound engineer and was after some close up shots of his equipment and also background images he could possibilyuse in the design of his website. I went around his house with my digital SLR and a Tripod, i thought i’d best be prepared and take a tripod to help me compose the images more and also it gave me more freedom with exposure times. It was quite an informal meeting as we are quite good friends but i still tried to uphold my professinalism when working with Mike.
I found that i didnt really enjoy this type of work in comparison to what i had just done with the Picbod Exhibition. I felt as if i wasnt getting much out of the experience of doing this. All i found was that i was taking common images without much Artistic Merit. I really feel that i have made a decision today with knowing that i am the type of practitioner who still needs that Artistic or creative aspect to their Job for them to enjoy it.

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Day 16 – Professional Experience

Model Shoot – Alex Blair

My friend Alex is a Model who recently wanted a few new pictures to update his portfolio with. i said i would be happy to take a few of him aslong as he would keep my Authorship on the Photographs.
I decided to set it up as a professional Shoot in my bedroom agains a white wall, i rented out some Lighting equipment and set up in time for Alex to arrive.
When Alex arrived we proceeded to talk about a few things he wanted to capture and i worked with him on getting a result he was pleased with. i chose to shoot digital so it was easier to do this.  i dont usually enjoy photographing in A studio environment especially in a Fashion or Model sense but i fouf this quite enjoyable. maybe because i was more relaxed as i am quite friendly with Alex and it was a less stressful environment. i now feelas if i would be comfortable to do this again and now have some examples of what i can do i this situation of a client is interested in getting some shots done for a portfolio.
these are the best shots we edited dwn for Alex’s Portfolio.

Photographs from the Picbod Exhibition


Day 15 – Professional Experience

Picbod Exhibition

Opening Night.

Today was about the finishing touches and all of us were running around and wearing ourselves out trying to get everything finished. We still had a big issue with some of the work not being up on the wall as it wouldnt stick so we had to first find a soloution for that. The velcro wasnt sticking to certain surfaces so we found the soloution of using No More Nails adhesive. It Worked. We spent alot of time in the afternoon thinking now about the Opening. we wanted to make the place look warm and inviting and we wanted it to be more of an event and an experience to anyone who turned up. We decided we get some candles and insense and also get some music sorted for the main room. As the curator i had come up with this idea of letting everybody collect in the main hall, i wanted to make a trail around the exhibition to the main hall where people could stop and chat and spend some time. Hopefully then promoting the idea that they would then return to view the work and go on another trail. The way we did this was to make sure the work went in a circle around the rooms, it followed on from one another, after each piece you could see the next and then until eventually you were in the main hall to collect your free drink.

After we had opened it was still the case to keep up a professional manner and still concern yourself with working and oragnising the exhibition. I found that i couldnt let my guard down as much as i thought becasue certain issues like the toilet facilities and more Drinks needed to be addressed. It also became a great platform and attracted alot of Coventrys Art scene which Brought to us Gallery owners and other curators whom we could talk to.

I felt very Accolmplished after the Opening Night and as if it had been a job well done. We had all worked very hard as a team to make it the success it was.

Day 14 – Professional Experience

Picbod Exhibition

After the effective work by everyone yesterday we were in a really good position and running on time. The Advertising team were back on flyer duty and the cleaning team were back in the exhibition space to carry on tidying and to start thinking about getting work on the wall.

Before any hanging could happen it had to be decided how we would choose peoples spaces and positions. We wanted everyone to be happy with there space and also we wanted to maintain the option of having similar work near each other. We were getting into the Curating side of things. We decided to once again share our opinions on the space and draw up a plan. We also knew that we needed to promote a democratic way of choosing these spaces but also we knew we had to be vigilant and strict with a final decision and everyone needs to respect that. Everyone decided that i should be given the responsibility of the final say, be the curator. To help solve the issue i bought loads of post it notes and handed them out to everyone. I asked them to write their name on however many and place them on the walls or spaces which they liked or thought their work would look good or work well there. When this was finished i could spend quite alot of time walking round and visualising peoples work where they had suggested. Everyone seemed to be really pleased with this idea and the use of post it notes made it easy to reserve walls and also move them around accordingly. I really suprised myself with coming up with this soloution quite quickly and it really saved us some time i believe. I then worked with every individual in the group to organise and talk through where their work would go. Fortunatly i didnt have to make many hard decisions as everyone was really easy going and people tended to go with my suggestions. I found this the Hardest job of today, it wore me out a little bit thinking and trying to visualise space. i think next time i need to find a soloution for this, maybe photographing more space or making a model of the Exhibition space. We also had to deal with the issue of hanging the work which became another spontaneous soloution task. certain walls were very hard and were not taking nails or velcro. We ended up using string on certain parts which in turn became a part of those selcted pieces. Once again i really suprised myself today, i never thought of myself as a leader or someone who could take the front of the organisation of any event, but today has once again affirmed that for me. The only issue i can see though is that i wore myself out and might have taken too much on. This made me forget little details in the day which wasnt too detremental but in the future it could be something more important.

Day 13 – Professional Experience

Picbod Exhibition

We proceeded today with everyone involved in the clean up and advertising operation. All 16 people fortunatly turned up to get working. Today was mainly about the duty of dividing people up into groups and getting them to get on with their own tasks. I gave the Advertising a list of ‘to do’s’ which included, Printing Flyers and Distribution of them and contacting Newspapers and Radio Stations. The main thing i realised today was the need to stay one step ahead. It just so happened that people ended up coming to me for tasks to do and offering their help. This was a position that naturally occured, i didnt really assert myself but it felt as if i was in control over the proceedings of the day. This became a responsibility which i really enjoyed today. i felt as if i worked effectivly with organising the duties to the time frame of what we needed completed by the end of the day. We mostly cleaned all of the rooms in small teams and i went between teams helping each one out and discussing what to do next. The main duty today was to sweep up alot of dus and to finish clearing any unwanted clutter in the exhibition space. In this process we also found some Easels which were in storage or had been forgotten about. We came to a decision to go through and clean them up as we may be able to use them for diplaying work. I also had to work very closely today with the team and managers of the artspace building. I was constantly checking their approval of our actions and building a communication with them. I frequently went to talk to them for the whole group which seemingly helped develop my responsible role. I really enjoyed the responsibilty i had today, it felt like something i can deal with in the Gallery environment and i very much suprised myself with my Authoritative Organising.

Day 12 – Professional Experience

The Picbod Exhibition

Today we addressed the issue of the flooding situation. In the main room in the basement, if it rains, the water collects and forms a puddle casueing serious hazards if we are having people down there. We decided to get the fire exit door open and mop it up. The Mop was takng a long time to get through the amount of water down there so we popped down to the shops and got a lot of rolls of kitchen roll aswell as water absorbant cloths. We swept the water and put down the Kitchen rolls which sure enough soaked up the majority of the water with some hard graft.
We also took some time to contact all the members in the group and arrange that tomorrow would be the day where we start proper work on the clean up and advertising.  We decided to set up a budget also. Where everyone in the group would contribute £10 into a kitty. Therefore we would have money for Cleaning Products and lighting.

As it stands there are 16 people in the group

so 16x£10 = £160       This should be a great figure for us to start on.

I have also asked everyone to design a flyer for the event for tomorrow so we can start getting them printed.
Some have already been designed

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Day 11 – Professional Experience

The Picbod Exhibition

Today was spent down in the basement literally moving things around. There was alot of clutter and and objects left in certain rooms which were taking up alot of space so i went down with a few others and got our hands dirty. It was a good chance to scout things out. We had a look around and found a room ideal for storage, a room which we could close off from the public in the exhibition and that could hide all of the junk we had found today. I realised today we are going to need some Proper cleaning utilities aswell as protection, i.e Gloves and Masks Etc. After some planning and consideration we got down to moving the clutter out of the Three rooms to the left of the basement. This took some time and care with the lack of light we had at the moment. we have yet to have sufficient lighting, something which is on the agenda to discuss with the group as soon as possible. Eventually we had stored everything in our storage room from those three rooms so they were noe ready to be supplied with light and cleaned and swept.
It was good tog et down there today for a chance to asses and write up a plan of action. it was nice being in the space and be able to spend some time there while thinking up ideas and what needs to be done next.

Day 10 – Professional Experience

The Picbod Exhibition

For the next week i have found a location with other members in our Year to use for an exhibition space. It needs alot of work and Cleaning and also planning if we are going to pull off a succesful exhibition.
The Space we have found is a disused basement at Artspace in Coventry it hasnt been used for anything in a long time therefore this has encouraged the build up of muck, dirt and storage space which needs to be cleared out. I have started out by becoming a member at Artspace and gaining some keys for the building. Today i got in touch with the class and arranged a meeting so we can discuss roles and the clean up process. i believe that we are going to need to split our group into two parts. one part on the clean up process and another on the advertising side of things. Because we have such a short space of time to get this done and ready for opening i think this will work to our advantage if we have people working on different things in different teams up to the same deadline.

Above i made a quick video on my phone to show the rest of the group the amount of space and poential we have with the basement. Also to give them a rough idea of how much work has to be done.
We have been given the confirmation of Opening the exhibition on Thurday 15th March and keeping it open until Saturday 17th March.
I have been getting in contact with our group via Facebook and have just sent out a message about making some flyers and posters now for distribution this whole week.

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The Exhibition

This is a quick video we put together of the exhibition space we have just secured. It was made just so the class can get a rough idea of what the space looks like. We have planned the opening night for the 15th March and are just in the process of setting up the Facebook event and making a start on the promotion of the Event.
It will be held at Artspace in coventry who have a basement which they dont use which is a little derelict. We believe with a weeks hard work and clean up operation it will be a great little place to hold our exhibition. Myself and Adele have therfore become members of Artspace in order to have use of the Basement space. It also happens that this basement was once the site of Holyhead youth club which housed members of the Specials and the Selector in the very early stages of their musical careers. It has a few walls of grafitti from that era.

The above image is going to be my final set up for the prints i ahve chsen for the exhibition. once this set up is mounted on the wall i will then find a way of including the Book, maybe on a plinth or shelf of some kind to go with the prints. I will also have a foreword of information about the project which could be something mounted on foam board to stick next to it which obviously give author information but a brief insight into what the project is about.