Feature Films and thinking about Sound

I have been watching some of my favorite films in an attempt to gain some inspiration for the making of my Short Film. I think if i can watch then critically i may be able to get some ideas of how to attempt transitions or attempt to communicate the story. The main thing i’m also looking for is the use of sound. Sound Recording i have found is so important. The audio is what is going to be the main communicator. I want to see how in depth i should go in creating a soundscape of environments and i believe the best way to do this is go right to the feature films who are experts at foley sound and also field recording to give that texture to an environment.

O brother where art thou?

I really enjoy this film and i am a Coen Brothers Fan. So i have re-watched it to see how it is put together and espeically being critical on the sound. I found that this is very Soundtrack driven, Music is a massive theme throughout the Movie so the Soundtrack is Excellently selected and reflects not only the period of the Story but the feeling of Journey and Adventure, Strife, Torment and Lust.
Also the sound effects and the Foley Sound to create soundscapes are perfectly constructed.
I think i am going to start to source music and maybe even produce some myself. I will start searching CC licensed music on Soundcloud. Unfortunatly until i have my footage i wont really know until what music will suit.

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