Project Developments

‘Back to Betws’

My Father an i have been speaking recently and have developed our idea for the project. I have been informing him as much as possible that he needs to think of himself as the Author of this Story and this Project and me as the Producer. I want him to feel empowered so i am making sure that we are constantly talking of ideas and making plans for when we will make the Journey.

The plan so far is to head back to betws-y-coed where these selections of photographs were taken 17 years ago, 2 days before my Dads brain Haemorrhage. The Photographs from Kenilworth were taken 1 day before my Dads Brain Haemorrhage.

Now i have already produced a short piece of narrative based around this series of photographs and i did tis during the phonar module:

In this post and in the video i produced it was my narrative and my story of this day. I now want to re visit this ‘sketch’ i made and think about how i can make this a whole lot better. I do like the way that i narrated and almost made a poem to read from in this video but i dont think this should be about my story, i think this needs to be my Dad telling it, talking about his ideas and his experiences of the Photographs and the memory they bring. This is a development on trying to get my Dad to think about me Producing his story, giving him the means to tell it. Now i also hope that this Journey back which we will make will also be therapeutic for my Dad maybe even for me. It is almost a way of facing up to those demons or going back to that place where there was such a happiness before something that changed our lives happened. I hope it might almost be a way of letting go and help my Dad think more optimistically. I am really interested in the way in which Photography can do this. How the Photographs of these locations have made these places seem so Important. The Photographs have fixed these memories in an artefact and have almost become the memory. I think the idea of time and that it is 17 years since we have been back is also a factor which has given these places such an awe of mystery about them. it is almost going to be a confrontation of the past and which has been made possible by a set of Photographic Artefacts.


Here is a piece of writing i have produced to explain the project for Press release as an example.

On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th July 1996 a selection of photographs were taken of my Sister and I as we went on two consecutive day trips with my Dad.

These Photographs have become a milestone in our lives and 17 years on, I have made a journey with my father back to Betws-y-Coed to revisit and rediscover the locations where these photographs were taken.


The Phobus – Robbie Cooper

The Phobus has got onto its next interview and we were lucky enough to get a great Interview with Artist Robbie Cooper.
Now this was a great opportunity to ask Cooper some questions and really develop my research into moving Image and also MultiMedia Projects.

Now this episode has taken a lot of time and editing but has really helped me developed my skills with editing video to the point now where i am extremely comfortable with using Final Cut Pro software.
_MG_3001 _MG_3060

We are also getting a nice amount of hits on the videos and are getting some really good feedback, people seem to like the style of it and with some continued tweeking i think we can develop something really professional and educational.


My Proposal Drafts





Final Proposal can be found here:


Interview with my Sister, Hayley

As a Part of my research i have chosen to Interview my sister, Hayley. She experiences learning difficulties so i felt it was important to get an idea of how she understands what happened to our Father 17 Years ago. I wanted to ask how it effected her when she was young and most importantly what she remembers or what she knows.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 12.23.57 Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 12.26.17 Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 12.26.41

I have been editing together a short example of what i have asked her using Final Cut Pro, something which has been useful to build up my skills with using this software.

These are two rough edits i have done of the Interview.

From doing this Interview i realise that the project needs to be more negotiated by my Father. I think he needs to make the decisions of who if anyone should be included. I feel as if i could easily be led astray if i tried to get more from my Sister. I think she is a whole project within herself and to start making Images and producing work around her would be distracting myself with my Chosen Subject Matter of my Father

Phillip Toledano – Days with my Father


PhiltoledanoPhillip Toledano’s project ‘Days with my Father’ can be found here:

I have been looking at this project a lot recently to inform my approach to my Final Major Project. I’m trying to find where my Professional Practice will fit in the current Industry.

I have been focusing on how i can make my Project different or seeing what i as a Photographer and practitioner can bring to this area of Photography.

Phillip Toledano has built this website up almost as an archive which is something that people have witnessed grow and eventually turn into a book. I find this approach quite interesting and I understand how this idea can engage an audience as they see something progress. It’s almost like the Audience can have a degree of collaboration to the project if they interact with it. They find themselves being involved in the process. Toledano then funded the PhotoBook of this project by asking for funding from the people that followed this site.

the questions that this has made me ask myself is how can i build something that the audience feel a part of. I think by using the Internet as an important tool is a given but i think it’s going to be how i network the project, how i can build up an involvement.