‘Vengeful Librarian’

This is an article i read recently which touches on the amount of information that can be taken as ‘intelligence’ by governments to understand how their certain actions are being taken by the general population of certain areas and countries, through the information from social networking.
i think its quite relevant to include in my blog as its something to reflect on in terms of becoming apart of the internet by building a website for this module and generating my own internet presence.
i dont think a lot of people who use these mediums understand how much they are giving away in terms of information and personal information.


A retail website and a music website.

the retail website i have chosen to look at is Play.com.

On this website there is a top navigation bar which sections out the type of retail products the website is selling. when hovered over with your cursor they cascade down to reveal sub categories of the product headline. the main centre of the page is advertisements, usually of sales and offers in striking, bold designs. On this we have a left navigation and right navigation of links on the left and on the right a ‘bestsellers list’. at the bottom there is a further navigation panel of more links to branded companies from left to right and underneath this is contact information and other extra information that is not usually looked upon as interesting or as a big part of the website. the only personal part of this page is a tiny link in the top right corner to your personal account and another link which states ‘go to checkout’. This website strikes me as being very active on the front of selling to the consumer. the main part of the page is riddled with advertisements on what seem to be value for money offers on certain products. Also the advertisements are seemingly very seasonal. as we are in the month of january, fresh into the new year, there are a few advertisements for gym equipment and more exercise orientated products to affirm the idea of new years resoloutions of losing weight and getting fit. Capitalising on the consumers thoughts and feelings.

The music website we were shown and i thought would be a good one to choose is the music website for the band The Killers. The main website design is a photograph which becomes interactive when your cursor hovers over certain objects in the photograph. it scrolls to the left or right when your cursor strays to that side of the window. the objects transform into different parts and links to sections in the website. for example, the music section there is a jukebox which you can click on. it seems like the website attempts to get the viewer involved personally with its interactivity and refreshing idea of navigation around the website. it gives you the impression that you are apart of the photograph and you are personally uncovering these secret links which take you on to more information about the band or to the area you are interested in. its a good gimmick which has the agenda of increasing user activity and traffic to the website itself which in turn would provide more interest into the band.