Jason Tilley – Picbod resident photographer

Jason Tilley – Photographer in residence from CU Photography on Vimeo.

Jason has been around and about throughout this module and a couple of days ago we got to watch this short video and have a more in depth discussion about his current work. It has been great having Jason around for his expertise and opinions and great to just chat to quickly about your work or any advice you need.
We had a good talk about his Portraits he had just printed and we were asked for ideas on how we think he should display them and what information needs to be given with them if any.
After i have come away and thought about it the image of Jasons’ that has stuck in my head is the one of a man who he told us a story about. Becasue it was a short story with a bit of humour that has been the image which i think of when i think of jasons work over the last couple of days.
This leads me to think that maybe there should be the onsideration of text or a way of telling these stories of the images or of the people jason has photographed. I think people that want to know the information or more of an in depth knowledge of the portrait will inquire into them, but i think if they are displayed with the photographs, they might have a more positive effect on people. Jason’s work can be found here http://thebeautifulpeopleblog.wordpress.com/

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