Final Images for Exhibition

exhibsetupwithlineThese are my Final Images which I will display for the Degree Show Exhibition.

I have tried here to work with a line through the images to help draw the viewers eye across the set. Having two full framed Images at either end creating a Start and an End point, i have tired to Introduce the line which i have highlighted in red in the example above. I intend this to make the transition of the colour palette easier on the viewer so it is not too hard on the eye. I intend for it to take the viewer through the photographs and lead them from left to right. I have selected these images also as they all hold a Fragmented Narrative to the whole piece. I want to inform the viewer and give the impression that a journey is taking place as a whole but i want each Photograph to hold a fragment of a different part of the narrative. The first two images i feel will communicate this idea of waiting and stillness, a period of reflection or brief moment of rest which can be connotated by the idea of a cafe. This is also provided by the small Photograph of the Bench which then is juxtaposed by the bridge above it which starts to suggest the movement, or the idea of Journey. Therefore suggesting a Journey is starting to be made or is being made in relation to the waiting before it. The Road sign then provides this idea of direction and familiarises the viewer with movement, a literal communication of the Road and then the introduction of the camera is a revelation and clue for what this journey is about. It also provides another suggestion of journey and maybe Tourism, a snapshot camera will hopefully give the impression of a trip or holiday.


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