Still Life Photographs

I also wanted to make a set of still life Photographs of the objects that are important to this story in particular. Objects that are still used by my dad today but also objects that havent been used for sometime and now spend their time tucked away in the cupboard.

Now i really like these Photographs as they tell so much from just so little. I like how a viewer would have to get close to see the texture and would sometimes would wonder what relevance they have. I am going to try and include these shots in the video.

If i cant fit them in the video in someway then i have an alternative plan for these Images.


I could make a composite of them, similar to how Steve Pyke sometimes does. I could then Print off a Limited number of these and hand number them and place them in a print sleeve to then give to people as an Artefact. People who take a srtong liking to the work or people i wish to thank or keep up to date with the project.



Steve Pyke Composite.




Above – My idea for a composite.


VoiceOver – Short

Here is a Short i watched recently


VOICE OVER (English subtitles) from Kamel Films on Vimeo.


I watched this and was really shocked by the journey it led you on compared to the ending. It was very clever, well written and well produced. The cinematography is excellent as well as it being very simple.
This is another example of an Ending which comes out of nowhere but gives away a piece of information which becomes so important to changing your relation with the whole film. This is something i want to try and attempt to put in my Film. Releasing bits of the information but not all of it until the end sequence. It’s about taking the audience on a journey with you, something which i would really like to do as it relates very nicely to my Project.





Hugh Doolan – Midtown Barley

Luke McCusker – …(|| root ||)… [FRESHAIR]
Zeke’s Banjo’s –  Fire on the Mountain

So here are my sourced creative commons licensed soundtrack pieces which i have been researching and gathering over a couple of weeks now.
Now I have my footage and understand the feel i’m going for, i have chosen these 3 tracks as my soundtrack. Hopefully they will work nicely together as well as creating a journey within themselves as a music piece to inflict a certain emotive reaction for the audience. I have deliberately picked quite melancholy tunes, but also music that suggests a feel of Journey or Reflection.

I m really pleased to be making use of the creative commons open sourcing of these soundtracks, I will fully Credit the Authors of these pieces of music in the credits of my film (the online version) to make sure that people can find their music!
The Exhibition version of my film however will have limited credits as it wont suit the viewing environment.

I have here included a link to the list on my soundcloud profile where you can see the other tunes and music i had sourced or thought about using

Film Scans from Trip to Kenilworth


The trip to Kenilworth in the original Photographs was made the day before my Dad had his Brain Haemorrhage.

These are the scans and Photographs from the trip back there for the first time in 17 years.

Some of them have been compressed badly and look alot better on the actual slide film

A Selection Of Scans

I have just received my first batch of film back from the Lab and i have freshly scanned them. Here is the low res scans i have made so i can print them and now start to edit them together and start coming up with a short series and decide which prints to exhibit.


Drawing from Hospital

In August 1996 when my Dad was recovering in hospital. To get his vision used to focusing again and also to help get used to and adjust to being partially sighted the doctors suggested he started drawing. The believed this would get his eyes used to working without his left field of vision and also help him make observations.

The first Drawing my Dad drew was one of is hospital room, a couple of weeks after the Haemorrhage. We were lucky enough to find this Drawing and i feel as if i want to use it in the Film in Some way.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 07.29.25



It’s quite a powerful drawing really, i see quite a bareness and abstract view of the room. and there also is no end to the bed before hitting the wall.

Among Giants – Short

Among Giants from Rainhouse Cinema on Vimeo.


I watched this short film today and thought it was really nicely edited together. It was providing the viewer with information through text and focused on sound recordings for the first part until it introduced the voice of the character it was following a few minutes into it. It seemed to set the scene and solidify it with the environment, placing the importance on the location. It revealed the information slowly, and followed the journey of the character to his home in a tree.
I feel as if you have to be very patient with your story, but at the same time in the editing of the film keep the viewer enticed and involved with the progression of the film.

Editing Images Together

Here is the documentation of a full week of editing Images together. These are photographs from Edits which iw as fortunate to have with Matt Johnston, Jonathan Worth and also Jon Levy.

Included in there are Photographs from the edits i have made on my own and also with my Dad, I have also been editing with my peers and friends from class. I asked a few second years also to make up some diptychs for me. this helped me quite a lot, having a good lot of fresh eyes to gaze over the Photographs i have made has helped me make an informed decision on the Images that are strong and which ones people respond to well in the idea of telling a story.

A selection of some of my Dads Images.

These are a few Images my Dad took on his camera from the recent trip. He took 4 rolls of film with 24 exp iso 200 35mm on his old Olympus Trip Camera, which was the same camera he used in the original Journey.
Unfortunately because this camera is very old and the film he was using was relatively cheap, a lot of the images have come out under exposed.
I should be able to brighten them up in the future using Photoshop, but i do like the authenticity of this, it reminds me a time of the pot luck with snapshot holiday snaps. These hopefully will become another set of Artifacts which we can look back on in the Future as we have done now with the Original set of Photographs.

Img001 Img002 Img003 Img004_1 Img005_1 Img006_1 Img007_1


I have been working on some Timelapse sequences which i may include in my final film.
I wanted to show the passage of time and suggest the fast passage of time at that in a quite literal way. But also i found that this would be the best way to document the journey to Betws-Y-Coed in the car with my Dad. I got a hold of a magic Arm and a clamp to secure the camera in the back of the car and took interval still images on a Nikon D300. I then lump all these images together and set it to play at 25 frames per second so it moves smoothly like it were a video. The only problem with doing this is that it takes a long time to gather only a short bit of footage.

I was inspired to try this when thinking about things i have done in the past

but i also recently saw an episode of the TV programme Breaking Bad which used this technique quite effectivly

I must admit i haven’t watched all of this youtube video just incase it has any spoilers in!

These Breaking Bad timelapses i think are done with moving Image cameras though and are on glide tracks which provide the slow movement and pan to left or right shots. This also makes it easy to zoom in or out.

Here are my Attempts at some Timelapse sequences which i may include in my film