Final Decision On Exhibition Set Up

I have decided on this set up for my exhibition, I have made here a Mock up with the black frames i want to be framing my prints.

I have also shown where the monitor will go to show my Video.

exhibsetupwithframesI have been a little bit worried about the selection here as the colour palette in the photograph differs quite a lot from orange to quite a purple and blue hue.

I have decided to go with this risk though as i really like this formation of the images. I like the transition from the orange on the left to the purple on the right, it provides a definite separation between the two sets of big prints and then in the middle we have the two connecting images. This provides a literal connection as they are the two main photographs from the project. The context of the Bridge can also provide a literal meaning of the bridge between the two sets on left and right. They are also the Connecting Images in the project, it’s all about these locations. I have decided to go with print sizes at 16X12 Inches for the larger prints as this is around the same size as the Mac screen as well as using less space in the exhibition set up, therefore creating more space for other people as i will require less room.


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