Hugh Doolan – Midtown Barley

Luke McCusker – …(|| root ||)… [FRESHAIR]
Zeke’s Banjo’s –  Fire on the Mountain

So here are my sourced creative commons licensed soundtrack pieces which i have been researching and gathering over a couple of weeks now.
Now I have my footage and understand the feel i’m going for, i have chosen these 3 tracks as my soundtrack. Hopefully they will work nicely together as well as creating a journey within themselves as a music piece to inflict a certain emotive reaction for the audience. I have deliberately picked quite melancholy tunes, but also music that suggests a feel of Journey or Reflection.

I m really pleased to be making use of the creative commons open sourcing of these soundtracks, I will fully Credit the Authors of these pieces of music in the credits of my film (the online version) to make sure that people can find their music!
The Exhibition version of my film however will have limited credits as it wont suit the viewing environment.

I have here included a link to the list on my soundcloud profile where you can see the other tunes and music i had sourced or thought about using

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