A selection of some of my Dads Images.

These are a few Images my Dad took on his camera from the recent trip. He took 4 rolls of film with 24 exp iso 200 35mm on his old Olympus Trip Camera, which was the same camera he used in the original Journey.
Unfortunately because this camera is very old and the film he was using was relatively cheap, a lot of the images have come out under exposed.
I should be able to brighten them up in the future using Photoshop, but i do like the authenticity of this, it reminds me a time of the pot luck with snapshot holiday snaps. These hopefully will become another set of Artifacts which we can look back on in the Future as we have done now with the Original set of Photographs.

Img001 Img002 Img003 Img004_1 Img005_1 Img006_1 Img007_1

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