I have been working on some Timelapse sequences which i may include in my final film.
I wanted to show the passage of time and suggest the fast passage of time at that in a quite literal way. But also i found that this would be the best way to document the journey to Betws-Y-Coed in the car with my Dad. I got a hold of a magic Arm and a clamp to secure the camera in the back of the car and took interval still images on a Nikon D300. I then lump all these images together and set it to play at 25 frames per second so it moves smoothly like it were a video. The only problem with doing this is that it takes a long time to gather only a short bit of footage.

I was inspired to try this when thinking about things i have done in the past

but i also recently saw an episode of the TV programme Breaking Bad which used this technique quite effectivly

I must admit i haven’t watched all of this youtube video just incase it has any spoilers in!

These Breaking Bad timelapses i think are done with moving Image cameras though and are on glide tracks which provide the slow movement and pan to left or right shots. This also makes it easy to zoom in or out.

Here are my Attempts at some Timelapse sequences which i may include in my film



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