Peter And Ben – Short

Here is a Short Film i watched recently which had quite an effect on me
I found this film to be a really great story, i really enjoyed the content and i believe that this is what made it so good. The camera work and transitions were also good but i believe they are not what makes this film. It's simply a good story and great subject. 

This has given me a nice bit of inspiration for the making of my film. I want to focus on the story but make sure i dont take away from the aesthetic of it also. I think a good balance of the two will be a winning formula.  This films structure is just about right too, the introduction and beginning nicely introduces the viewer by the interesting humorous Point of View shot which is then revealed that its the point of view of Ben the Sheep.

I like the relationship between the two characters in the film, it is shown on the film as a companionship and with the choice of dialogue this is re-enforced. Then we also see the difference and clash between these two characters friendship with Ben stealing from the house. This is the first realisation made to us as the viewer that even though we have been led to see the Human Qualities in Ben we must be realistic and forget that he is a Sheep and an Animal.

We get led to believe that Ben is reliant on Peter all through the film until the end when we find out that Peter is also very reliable on Ben and really misses him when he goes.
I like the way the main string of narrative with Peter is that we connect to him the most obviously because he is human and that it is the Animal that is flawed because he lives off instinct. It is only at the end when we find out that Peter is equally as flawed as the sheep and that it might not be a flaw at all but a genuine tale of friendship.


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