Phobus Success

We have come to realise the small success the Phobus is having.
We have over 500 views on both of our videos so far and we were also invited by the Second Year Picbod module participants to interview them at their exhibition.


We Produced this interview with them which has good success and traffic from their community of followers.

We have also recently been featured on Develop Tube which has been great for us to get some traffic from the Photography community which is following them.

This has been a great response for something which was a risk to take as a research tool in an attempt to use everything that we have learned over the 3 years studying on this course. The only thing now is to develop on this and realise its potential. The phobus as a brand and a publishing platform is something you could potentially put a lot of time into to create a trusted and legitimate source on the internet and especially in the Photographic community which is lacking the Meet and Greet of Photographic interviews which the phobus provides. The Phobus defiantly has a future but it maybe a future which to be continued after this project, something that you can commit a lot of time into developing.

For more evidence of the good work the phobus is doing check out what Jenny Swerdlow currently a second year had to say about it in a recent blog post!




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