Making Images again – Introducing myself into the frame

I haven’t made any images with my Father for period now following a conversation with Ross Rawlings and also an attempt at refreshing myself with other peoples work and receiving some mentoring from the likes of Jon Levy and Graham Macindoe over what images i would like to make.

This has informed this set of Images i made with my Dad during a day spent with him recently.

I have been a bit stuck for cash but really wanted to start shooting again and i remembered i had an old black and white film which was waiting to be used in my drawer. This wouldnt cost me anything except the travel money to get to my Dads as i could develop this in University. I took a tripod with me and wanted to attempt a few self Portraits and i wanted to introduce myself into the space where i have Photographed my Dad often before. This is something i have never done and it was really fresh and got me interested in thinking about how to construct some Images.

It was quite hard, i put the camera on a tripod and put the timer on the highest setting so i wasnt really sure when it would go off after i had pressed the shutter. I kept it in the room for a bit until it became a part of the scenery and then would go about the usual conversation and daily business. I would then sneak over and press the shutter or ask my dad to press it while he was walking past or closer to the camera.

This is something which has been mainly informed by Jon Levy’s advice not to neglect other Image making techniques, not to stick to what i know and what i feel comfortable with, he suggested to keep developing and going back to other formats or ways of telling a story or creating an image.

I scanned the Images in and there are a certain few that i really like and feel work really well but i am not really feeling the Black and White. It doesn’t suit the project. However this has just been a training exercise and encouraging myself to make images with my Dad again. Getting myself motivated with it again and realising what exactly i want to introduce and what fresh feel i want to bring to the continuation of this project.

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