Phillip Toledano – Days with my Father


PhiltoledanoPhillip Toledano’s project ‘Days with my Father’ can be found here:

I have been looking at this project a lot recently to inform my approach to my Final Major Project. I’m trying to find where my Professional Practice will fit in the current Industry.

I have been focusing on how i can make my Project different or seeing what i as a Photographer and practitioner can bring to this area of Photography.

Phillip Toledano has built this website up almost as an archive which is something that people have witnessed grow and eventually turn into a book. I find this approach quite interesting and I understand how this idea can engage an audience as they see something progress. It’s almost like the Audience can have a degree of collaboration to the project if they interact with it. They find themselves being involved in the process. Toledano then funded the PhotoBook of this project by asking for funding from the people that followed this site.

the questions that this has made me ask myself is how can i build something that the audience feel a part of. I think by using the Internet as an important tool is a given but i think it’s going to be how i network the project, how i can build up an involvement.

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