The Phobus Trailer

To start to get people interested and now we have been out shooting our first episode we have made a Trailer for the first Phobus Episode featuring Ross Rawlings.

The Trip to Bristol to Interview Ross was long and really Hard work. I think i have underestimated how much work this type of venture could be. The Driving was not so bad but the act of having to film and record audio and stop off to get content for the episode made it very hard work. It is very rewarding though, it was great to see Ross again and after a coffee and the Interview footage was completed it made a perfect opportunity to ask him some more personal questions about his work which appeal more to me and my style of Photography. He gave me some advice on how it is important to take a break every once in awhile, step back from the project your so embedded in and learn to love it again. I have felt liek this a bit with focusing yet again on my Father as the subject. That i am running the risk of repeating myself or telling the same story and ifor my own creativity i need to keep it fresh and exciting.

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IMG_20130222_104009 IMG_20130222_114321 MIM_8428

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