Starting up The Phobus

A Research Tool.

For my Research and for the development of my Final Project i have realised that i really need to develop a way to make my research not only relevant for myself but interesting to other people. Over the period of 3 years we have been pushed and taught to think of ourselves as trusted sources and to develop your online professional presence to be a legitimate source of information. Therefore I have come to the realisation that it seems irrelevant for me to waffle on and babble about my own opinions of other practitioners work. I could talk about other Photographers/Artists/Film Makers but if i am to think of myself as a publisher, i should make an attempt to develop ways in making this interesting ad interactive for anyone who could be looking at my Online Presence. 
Introducing The Phobus!

Fellow Classmate Oliver Sharpe and myself have decided to start making a travelling little interviewing Roadshow, where we will go and Interview practitioners for our research but then make this into a kind of Educational show to share with our class and then also the rest of the Online World. You dont see many Interviews with Photographers so this could also be quite a unique thing, providing a nice insight into bringing certain Photographers to talk about their work and give the Audience an honest account as well as at the same time providing myself with a chance of meeting and making contacts with the Photographers i Respect and wish to learn something from im regards to producing my own work.

I have been in Touch with Ross Rawlings and he is looking likely to be the first Guest in the first Phobus Episode. He is a Photographer whose work has really inspired my work in regards to slowing down the photographic process and by using 120mm Film and larger cameras. This Interview will give me the chance to ask him questions directly about his work instead of speculating over his work during a few written paragraphs. I have also sent an Email to Jim Mortram whose work has equally inspired me as it deals with similar issues to what i have dealt with in the past with the work on my Father.

We will be filming these Interviews so this is also going to provide me with the perfect opportunity to really develop my Editing Skills if i plan to make any kind of Moving Image for my Final Piece. I really need to develop these and learn a lot of new techniques in order to progress with my Video Making Skills, especially in the current Industry where more and more professional Photographers are picking up Moving Image to make themselves more employable. 

So far we have made a quick template of website and will be out shooting our first episode as soon as possible.


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