Jon Levy Mentoring #Phubu week 1

Jon Levy has set us this task for his First week Mentoring us:

Week 1.
What makes you tick and where do you want to be in 5 years?
Students are asked to build their “fantasy portfolio” by clipping and copying photographs taken by photographers other than themselves.
The portfolio should contain a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 images that reflect:
a) the kind of work that first inspired them to become photographers
b) the kind of work they hope to be making in the years after they graduate
c) the images that have always been the most formative and influential to their own style as a photographer
The portfolio can be made up of single stand alone photographs and also series of images from picture stories.
Note for picture stories it is advisable not to include more than three or four from any one story.
Portfolios do not have to include series but they should all include individual images that represent a genre of photography and instances of well known or lesser known works by established photographers.
Please try and collect images that are at least 800 pixels in size at 72dpi for display on a computer screen
Any source is permissible: screen grabs, jpg files, phone camera copies of books or newspapers or magazines or exhibition photographs.
Each student will email a link to a zip file to Jon levy so he can review their selection and discuss with each photographer their choices and the thoughts and feelings behind these choices.
I have chosen a selction of Images from these Photographers
Jim Mortram
Todd Hido
Tom Hunter
Robert Frank
Philip Lorca Dicorcia
Bruce Davidson
Dan Eldon
Phillip Toledano
Jeff Wall
Hannah Starkey
Ross Rawlings
These are a selection of Photographers that have inspired me or do inspire me and also these are some of the photographs that got me Photographing in the first place. Robert Frank is one of my main early influences, i was always facinated with the Narrative Structure in the Americans. I loved the Grainy, Black and white book, packed full of 80+ Images of ‘Photo-poetry’
This is the same for Bruce Davidson, there was always something about Davidson’s work which i couldn’t quite out my finger on but i knew that i liked it. It might be something similar to that of Frank, in that Composition and Black and white Photography play a big part in their work, especially my favourite pieces by them ‘The Americans and East 100th Street.
Dan Eldon has also been a big influence on me in terms of the ‘archive’ and the Diaristic approach to Artefacts. ‘The Journey is the Destination’ was always a book that i would spend hours looking through picking up little details. These were the published journals of Dan Eldon which were made into a book after his death.
Tom Hunter is someone who inspires me with single Images, the aesthetic and the composition. He is someone who beautifully displays the ‘What has happened, what will happen next, whats happening now’ questions, and suggestive narratives with just one single image. I also enjoy his reference to Painters in his work. It reminds me of the Paitings by Edward Hopper. Almost like an eeriness that you always leave expecting something to be more clarified, like you are waiting for an event or the event has just happened.
Todd Hido, Phillip lorca dicorcia and Jim Mortram and some examples of the work i’d like to be making in the future.
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