Marshall Mcluhan

‘One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water’

I have taken this quote from Fred Ritchin’s After Photography but i know that it is a Marshall Mcluhan Quote. I have found tha it has come from this book:


Now this is a book i donthave time to go into too much depth. I have read a little bit from it but i only really need that Quote to solidify my conclusion at the end of my symposium.

I can use it to state that we have experienced both the Fluid and Fixed Environment and thats the reason why we want to start holding our images again, is becasue something is missing from just interacting with Images Online. We are Fixing the Fluid Image becasue we are starting to learn and understand that the Analog and the Digital are beneficial for Photography working and Co-exisiting together rather than being seperate. By experiencing the Fixed we can learn how to optimise the benefits of the Fluid and by expereincing the Fluid we can understand and learn to optimise the importance of the Fixed Image in our practice.

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