Thinking about a Research Tool

Thinking about a Research Tool. In discussion with the class i have an idea that we could take into our hands the development of a collaborative research tool. We could Interview our chosen practitioners and share our findings with the rest of the class and also online. Therefore we would all be benefiting from one person opening up their research and also will provide us with a chance to be exposed to other areas which may suit our work which we previously didnt know about. Almost like a collaborative research Idea. I hope to think about this a little more.  It seems like quite a good thing that could work with the new formation of the Google Community in which we shall all feed as a Hub of information, as in the same manor we learnt from in Picbod and Phonar.

This will almost work as a constant stream of information and should hopefully build up over the course of the next few months to take us to our Degree Show.

So also if we are constantly providing it with content we will also be advertising our Degree Show by getting traffic to our page.

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