Kodak and the lens of Nostalgia – Nancy Martha West

I decided to research more into the Idea of Nostalgia and where the Nostalgia of photographs has come from. I find that Instagram is using the filters and Analog edits to the digital images as a marketing ploy, something which gets us using Instagram more. Which gave me an idea to look into how Kodak as an example marketed themselves throughout the 20th century. I came across this book Kodak and the lens of Nostalgia by Nancy Martha West, and it througouly explains how kodak used deas of Nostalgia in their Advertising Campaigns as far back as World War I.kodak

‘So it is astonishing when somehow the mnemonic potential of the objects fndamental to an entire social formation turns up raidcally disrupted or disabled. Then the Object in it’s ‘metaphysically’ enigmatic commodity form mutates into a privalaged icon symbolizing the whole crisis of memory and the sudden opacity of the past’

‘As Spitzer so poignantly demonstrates, the nostalgia exemplified by the uses of photography does not neccessarily entail retreat; it can equally function as retrieval, as a means of reclaiming the past and even shaping the future.

‘Kodak Advertising insisted on a nostalgic view of the world. Kodaks accent on memory intensified.’

‘photography then about it’s capacity for mnemonic labour’

‘kodak systematically urged it’s consumers to view photography and the world it recorded through the lens of Nostalgia’

kodak2 Kodak poster, about 1925

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