Organising Meetings

It has come to my attention that there is some serious organisation issues within our group in the starting stages of planning the final degree show exhibition. I have decided and out it to the group that we should hold a weekly meeting which should be chaired and minutes taken. I thought of this after i considered my past experiences being a part of a big group who had certain goals to achieve within a certain time frame. For example, when i was 13-15 i played an active role in my Council’s YCG (youth consultive group) who would hold weekly meetings and have a budget to spend on projects for the youth of my Hometown.
I tried to introduce this idea of creating a set of goals for us to accomplish as a group within one week/by the next meeting, where then we could analyse it, improve and then progress.
I have offered myself to chair the meeting which means i have to display no Bias towards any Idea to make sure i dont have an impact on the groups decision. Therefore the Chair is not allowed to take a vote if a decision comes down to it.
So far it has been successful and the everyone seems to be understanding what they need to do and where they need to be at by the next week.
This week we have all got to come up with at least 3 fundraising ideas each which will then be discussed and thought about at the next meeting.

This could be a slow process but i think its helping us get the ball rolling and actually start to make a progression. Once it starts to snowball i think the more will get done and the more involved people will become.

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