Polaroid Article by Sean O’Hagen


I started to research a bit more on this idea of nostalgia and I found a Martin Parr quote where he used the term ‘processed nostalgia’.

I was then able to find the original place where this quote came from and it was this article for the Guardian by Sean O’Hagen. It is bascially all about the demise of Polaroid but i am more interested int he thoughts of the meaning and context they use the word ‘Nostalgia’.

Martin Parr also describes it in the sense of the ‘fax machine’ and the slow process, and how this process of making imagery has now totally changed to be even more instant than the polaroid. This Article has been a good reference point but it still hasnt led me to anymore solidified thoughts on how i should talk about Nostalgia. Everyone seems to use the word so flippantly without actually explaining in what context they mean to use it. It’s not a Nostalgia that is produced by some childlike memory of playing with your favourite toys, it’s a Nostalgia of the Image, of the Photograph.

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