The Impossible Instant Lab

I started Researching into the Impossible project which i have known aboutfor some time now and i came across their new campaign and prototype idea. This is something i have been looking for which will fit into my talk perfectly. It is truly what i want my talk to be about, it is a literal demonstration of fixing the fluid Image. It may not be Instagram but it is still really relevant. This is something i can really use to show the Audience exactly what i mean and wat i am talking of. Hopefully it will get my point across about wanting to hold Images again. I can then go onto exaplain the ideas of why we want to be abe to have a physical copy of these artefacts again.


I wont be able to show the full video so i will have to edit down a version that i can use. I was thinking of using the bit where he shows how the Instant Lab will work.

This is the clip and edit i have made. At 30seconds it is an improvement but still quite long but i think this will be an important example to include in my Presentation. It is a new product which also suggests that they are producing it becasue themselves as manufacturers and a business can see there is a demand out there for this time of machine. This suggests that more and more people are wanting an easier way to print their Cellphone Images, their Fluid Images!

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