‘Virtual Darkroom technique’

Richard Koci Hernandez


This is an article i found Interesting, Herandez is interviewed here but also goes on to explain his virtual Darkroom tecnique.


My virtual darkroom technique goes something like this:

I’ve named this process the app-dance:

1. Shoot original image in an app like Hipstamatic or ProCamera.

2. Import the image from my camera roll into another app like Camera+ to add some more tone or even another black and white filter.

3. Import the image into yet another app to add a border. (optional)

4. Import again to add minimal scratches in an app like ScratchCam. (optional)

5. Import into Instagram and post. (Note: I rarely use the Instagram filters.)

I’ve also been known to add some real analog love to my images in something I’ve called round-tripping,  but others call flip-flopping.

Repeat steps 1-4 from above, but before step 5, I print out the image on my printer, then apply real scratches via a butter knife or fold the print, then re-photograph the result with my iPhone,then post to Instagram.


I find this quite Facinating, its almost like fixing the Fluid Image and then making it Fluid again, this is a great example of how one person is using the best of both Analog and digital to achieve the aesthetic he is wanting. I think the point here is also that it is the AESTHETIC. It’s how the Photograph looks not neccesarily what the subject matter is. Not what it denotes but the physical appearance. I think this is a good Experimental process which Hernandez is practicing. It may not produce great work or depict great subject matter but it is definatly starting to bridge a gap between both the flud and fixed image and how they can both co-eist with each other.

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