Fred Ritchin – ‘What’s Next’ Foam Amsterdam

After doing some research on youtube to try and find some lectures or presentations that Fred Ritchin has done i finally came across this one at Foam, Amsterdam in 2011.

It was really helpful hearing Fred Ritchin Speak so i can begin to understand more on what he’s talking about in his book After Photography.

‘It’s not Enough to add Photographs to the world but we have to somehow add the world to photoographs’

‘Digital Photography has very little to do with what we think of as Photography’

Digital we go from step 2 to step 7

Analog we go from A to B, step 1, step 2, step 3

‘Photography no longer has the automatic credibility it used to have’

‘Is society happy with the lack of credibility?’

‘The amatuer is making the more important Images, The amatuer is more Authentic, More believed’

‘We will be changed by Media’

‘Understand media enough so that we can guide it in ways that are healthier for us, more sane for us’

Fred Ritchin seems to constantly argue that Digital Photography is in it’s own Medium which is something i am finding hard to get my head around. Now that i have heard him exaplin this a little more in this talk i have established that i somewhat do agree with him. I do Believe that it is almost totally seperate from Analog in so many ways, like being Fluid and Malleable. It can be reproduced and distributed so easily. It’s not negotiated by Time and Space unlike an Analog Photograph which will be kept somewhere, in aframe or a box. Hung on a wall or in a Gallery. I just cant see the ultimate separation between these two aspects of Photography. I think now we have access to both of them we can use the positives of both to accomplish better Art? better Photography? or more Credible Photography in reference to what Ritchin Talks about.


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