Picturing everyday life in Africa


Peter Dicampo http://www.peterdicampo.com/#/everyday-africa-(by-dicampo-and-merrill)/1-ivory-coast/Everday_Africa_Ivory_Coast-1

I found this Article quite interesting in the sense that Dicampo found that after buying an iphone and using it as a tool for when he wasnt shooting his usual ‘photojournalist shots’. He found that it gave a a better and more well rounded view of exactly what he was trying to capture. Having something like the Iphone in your hand gives you the tool to snapshot imagery which can really rival that of ‘pro journalism photography’.

I think it all comes down to representation. We’ve always seen the world through how the Photojournalist have Photographed it when it comes down to news. With the tool of an Iphone we can now see the world represented by the people who are actually being photographed. Fred Ritchin talks about this in After Photography. The iphone gives us a new snapshot tool that can make it easy to document the image making process but in turn actually capturing something more honest itself.

The Iphone is almost a disguised camera, it’s a Phone and people think of it as this primary attribute. It has a welcome place in the public society, you can be on a train and no one will think anything of it becasue at first they dont think of it as a camera. I think it’s this that gives it its best attribute to a Photographer. You can almost disguise yourself into the natural world and people’s truthful behaviours becasue you can be a discreet practitioner. If the Iphone had a big attatchable lens it would be a totally different dynamic. People would realise the prescene of a camera and then start adjusting behaviours to suit that.

also another rticle i recently came across http://www.guernicamag.com/art/hipstamatic-revolution/

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