Phonar Reflective Summary

This Reflection on the module of Phonar is my evaluation into what i feel i have gained and improved on during my participation in the course.

I feel that Phonar has helped me develop some keen interest areas and ideas and helped me understand my practice within those. The main areas in which i feel I have really developed as a practitioner are the abilities to able to think of my practice consciously in the 21st Century. I have really had to consider ideas of story-telling and working with narrative to open up my practice to the community. To generate interest and contributions to a project. I feel that phonar has helped me develop my Social networking skills, its really got me to think about my role as Photographer and being a legitimate, trusted source. It’s taught me to do my research and to source my stories. The main thing i have taken from the guest lectures is that i should be looking for the story around the corner and not around the world. I should be looking to be specific to be more general and all in all i should be telling a story and not taking it. Storytelling is a collaborative, sharing experience.

I would have liked to have been able to introduce a new story to the project i was focusing on but unfortunatly due to logistical issues and transport cost it wasnt possible for me to do this. I think that the positive from this though is that phonar has given me an exit strategy and some good ideas to follow on to for my Final Degree project. I can use the Phonar pitch as a longer time framed project, something which i may be able to publish by the time i’m ready to leave university.

I think the importance of this module also has been the online contributions and the development of relationships with other Phonar followers from around the world. I have found the comments i have received from people outside of the class to be very helpful and also to gain feedback from outside of the Classroom really confirms to you that the communication and involvement from the outside world can also help develop your practice as a lot of the time they are your Audience.

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