Stephen Mayes – Essay/Article

This Article is a very hard read and i found it hard to keep up with it. After a few goes through though it started to stick in and i could grasp what Mayes was trying to say. It is quite long and an arduos piece of text, and its hard to work which are Mayes’ words and which are just the Article. Mayes seems to talk about his ideas of the Smartphone being a fluid tool. The images being not made for memory. He focuses on the Smartphone  being free from making memories and simpy producing images for instant sharing or instant feedback. He talks about how the Images produced on Smartphones are getting more and more people to actually start taking images, people who usually never take Photographs are now starting to look through the lens of the iphone. I think tis maybe more down to the practicality of it, and the quality of the camera. People are now more willing to produce images on their phones is becasue the quality of images it can produce has increased significantly. He mkes a point about the subjects of the images produced are usually of the ‘Mundane’ natur as its just everyday things but he makes the point that its produced without the ‘Editorial Architecture’ and it gives it that freedom of information. But surely if we think about it in the sense of instagram, you are still producing imaes in a form of Architecture. Instagram as a company want you to keep making more and more images not stop, therefore their own personal Architecture is the manufacturing of filters and updates which keep the user involved and the experience interesting. Isnt that an Instagram Architecture? similar to an Editorial Architecture?

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