Phonar final Idea/ Pitch Adjustment

So ithink it’s safe to say that my Phonar pitch needs to be revised as a pitch for a lengthier project. Something which is going to take a longer amount of time to complete. Due to the Subject matter i’m dealing with i feel as if i have to be very delicate with how i approach my ideas. I dont want to Exploit people and feel as if there is a very fine line between this and trying to share Stories of Subarachnoid Haemorrhages. I think the Important word is ‘share’. I dont want it to seem as if i am taking something away, i want it to develop into something which is very much the opposite and empowering to the Contributor.

The Alternative:

My Alternative is to produce a short Video with my Father. If i can continue to produce work with him hopefully it will attract more of a communit base who may end up coming forward to me to be involved. I want to try and produce something which is a bit more positive than previous series. i’d like to produce a reminscent piece and get my Father to reflect on something from before he had his SAH.

My pitch is very much the same it’s just changed in the sense that my subject this time for this Final Phonar piece will be My Dad.

I was thinking of asking him to talk about his old cycling days as he has just written a post himself on the project blog here

I want to experiment with using Video too as i think it could prove to be quite effective. Hopfully it will give me a bit of a challenge to use a new medium of moving image.

I can then use this as another example of what i’m looking to produce with contributors when they come forward.


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