Neil Murphy

Since my advertisment for Subarachnoid Haemorrhage survivors to come and share their stories i have been in contact with a few people. Neil in particular has been very helpful and enthusiastic about the project. I wanted to get something together for Phonar for the final task with someone i have come into contact with through using the Internet and platforms i have learnt from in this Module. Unfortunatly Neil’s Location and my time constraints wont allow me to do it.


Here is a Photograph of Neil which he had sent me along with a lot more, Including people who play a big part in his Story. Neil is definatly someone i am going to work with in the future. I feel as if he deserves a lot of my time to Produce something which is going to be good enough to tell certain aspects of his Recovery and SAH. I think it may even take a little while to decide which is the best way to tell it. What Medium would be suited.

Including Neil i have 2 other people who are quite enthusiastic about the project. I am going to continue to converse with them about it and hopefully eventually be able to meet with them to collaborate on a story of their recovery or SAH which they want to share.

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