Foto8’s Jon Levy talks to #Phonar

[View the story “Foto8’s Jon Levy talks to Phonar” on Storify]

[View the story “FOTO8 Founder Jon Levy in conversation for #phonar” on Storify]

For me personally, this was one of the best phonar conversations we have had over the last few weeks. I think it’s because it very much appealed to a few questions i was asking within myself and my work at this present time. Jon came along and answered a few of them for me with this video. It was very important to pick up on the notes and subtle advice he gives in this conversation and by using the Twitter storify tool its been very easy to pick up on the little bits you missed and even edit out the things that dont appeal to you. I made a short Storify myself but i have also included JW’s Storify of the whole of Phonar’s notes.

‘The art of the understatement ‘-  this in particular really got to me. Jon Levy pointed out an abundence of technique in this 40 min conversation but this is what stood out. He seemed to say it more in the context of the pitch though or the proposal but i think it can really transfer also to your practice. It made me think about the ideas of documentary and narrative and how if you can master ‘the art of the understatement’ you can end up creating more powerful pieces of work without shocking or awe inspiring connotations. It was good to finally meet Mr. Levy via a video but to finally hear his thoughts was quite inspiring. After being featured recently by Foto8 and to hear his thoughts on my work was great and very overwhelming. I think this is why i also took quite alot from this Conversation, is because my practice is similar to the work Jon promotes and shares so it was very relevant to me. It really helped gain a bit of confidence to go out and tell a good story and to not look to anyone too much for inspiration or ideas but maybe to look into myself a bit more and produce something that feels natural.

Jon also posted something on the Foto8 Website a few days later which is very much worth a read and continued to be of much interest to me.

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